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The Falcon's looking for their first win of the season? Currently in front of the Bears 26 to 10 and currently with the ball a little more than five minutes gone by in the third quarter, the Washington football team has cut the deficit Cleveland before Brown still in front, 17 13, the Rams and Bill's a pair of two auto teams and buffalo. It's been one sided, although the Rams finally finding the end zone for the first time today, But this trail by 18 28 to 10. The Vikings, looking for their first would have been in control throughout, leading the Titans by a score of 17 to 9. It's the Patriots and Raiders separated by just three points and the Pats infront 13 to 10. The 40 Niners leave the Giants, but it is now 16 to 9. It seemingly been a one sided affair. But the score says differently right now, just the one touchdown game. And the Eagles in front of the Bengal 16 intent. Jake Elliott has just nailed the field goal in Pittsburgh. The Steelers have cut the deficit to one. Let's get more. Here's Jeff Hawthorne. Yeah. Steelers got the ball to start the third quarter when 62 yards in five minutes, six seconds. Chris Boswell, a 26 yard field goal to make a 21 20. That's really been the difference in the game detection with two big red Zone. Stop that for a couple of Boswell feel those Wow. Texans have been perfect in the Red Zone, a couple of touchdown passes from Dijon Watson, a touchdown run by David Johnson. Ben Roethlisberger has two touchdown passes as well. In an exciting game with a lot of stuff going on, including an injury to Deante Johnson will indeed not return the young receiver in this football game. 21 feelers 29 03 to play in the third quarter. Hey, Jeff. What about Derek? What is any status? Ah, or any update on what his status for the rest of day might be? And the third watch brother is also out for this game with a hamstring injury in a game or just ruled out also with the hamstring injury forced, all right. So a tough day injury wise in Pittsburgh for the steel is trailed by a one. Let's head to Atlanta, where it's been, really the Falcons all day today against the two old Bears, as we talked about during the pregame wondered if this team was for real. And I don't know what the answer is, Yes is for Chicago is concerned. Let's get Mohr from Jeff's L. Well, 26 to 10, the Falcons on top 8 42 go. The Bear's just replaced mental torbinski with Nick Foles I was after on the last possession. Verbinski threw an interception of bleeding Ray Wilson at Chicago 42. We returned it to the 19. Elena settle for a field goal. The Falcons about scored the Bears tinder knocking in this half. On the first possession of the half. Falcons Go seven play 75 yards to 26 on the Dr Todd Gurley, a 10 yard run on the Dr Matt Ryan hit Calvin Ridley. For 24 yards to get him to the Chicago 10 yard line. And really, with Russell Gage now out with the head injury, he will not return. So he and Julio Jones air out the Falcons receiving corps normally very deep, Not very deep. Just really with Calvin Ridley is the main guy really now? Most of the catch is for the Falcons offense. Five catches for 110 yards on that Ryan is 13 23 for 169 yards big play on that first drive, though. Once again. Chicago, they roughing the passer on third down. This time it was on our team Hicks that would have gotten the Falcons off the field. This is the second time the Bears have gotten a roughing the passer on a third down where they would have been able to take over the ball. The doctors have gone down and scored the last time that happened. Brian Hill, a 35 yard touchdown run on petrol Robiskie before he's replaced. 13 of 21 for 128 yards, a two yard touchdown pass to Jimmy Graham. The amazing thing for the Bears today has been the fact that David Montgomery Eight carries for eight yards. Just let him go nowhere at all. But with Nick Foles in the game right now, the Bears have the ball second and six at the Falcon 21, Atlanta on top. 26 to 10 7 minutes to go in the third quarter. Good damn both sides of the ball for the Falcons so far as they lead by 16 a three point game in Foxboro, third quarter in progress, Here's Allan Siegel. Hi, Richard. Something Patriots hurt themselves, and now they help themselves and what I mean by that is that the Raiders have the ball. The straw third quarter and the Patriots were all set have asserted out. They Basically held them on three downs. But on that third way it was a holding call. Defensively. The Dewan Williams holding Darren Waller, who, by the way does not have a reception so far today that gave the radius of your life and they took it all the way to the 21. But the Patriots got themselves a break as Daniel Carlson Mr 41 Not a patriot. Take the ball over and Sony Michelle has dressed, ripped a 38 yard run. The Patriots are in pretty good shape right now. They are 2nd and 10 at the Raiders 30 yard line, and they lead in 13 to 10 with a 35 to go here in the third witch. All right, thank you very much. Allan Siegel in Foxboro as the Patriots just Clinton to a 13 10 lead in this one over the writers. Let's head down. I 95 South Philadelphia Eagles and Bengals right now, a little more cushion for Philadelphia against the windless Bangles. Here is Michael long ago. And the six minutes ago And now in this third quarter and now equally is up by six. Jake Elliott on the Caps equals first drive with the second half of the 54 Yard will go on this one. You know, with some concerns that they never increasing injury, the play the receiving corps now Dallas God, we will not determine with our chairman that ankle injury that Sean Jackson now Is listed to be out with a hamstring injury. So the Eagles receivers core and we went to this whole thing last year with them seems to have AH, when they thought they had just those issues suddenly had the same problem as last year with the now all of sudden, Zach course becoming your primary target. And maybe Greg Ward, who was played quarterback, of course for Houston University, that is And his collegiate career, But the Eagles still health about managing to get by with this 1 16 10. They lead it by a score and then label 5 35 to go in the third quarter. All right to Cleveland, we go. It's now four point game Use. Jonathan Peterlin. Ron Rivera, just going for a big fourth and three play on the 13 yard line in the Red Zone. They complete that as the Washington football team is now in goal line situations. How we got here is interesting as well as part of a four point game. Antonio Gibson found the end zone two yards. This extra point. It makes it a four point difference. It's probably why Sandra, very elected to go for it on that he fourth and three and as we're just talking Dwight, how's fumbled the ball? He was able to pounce on it, though he's had a rough up and down day 17 to 29 for 1 90 has the toothpicks. As one touchdown, but he's got the running game going a little bit here for the Browns. Baker made 11 of 18 pedestrian 101 through the air. One touchdown throw. Nick John 14 carries 58 yards and Browns on top of Washington. 17 13 3 minutes about to the third, but the Washington football team is threatening All right, so not backing down Once again. They've been in this spot before knocking off the Eagles after falling behind 17 to nothing is Dwayne Haskins led the rally. And right now they're down by four with the ball. The Giants have just given up another touchdown. So what was a one touchdown game is now a little more. Of a road back for them. Let's check in with Mike Mancuso. Alright, rich, a 75 yard drive for the 40 Niners. They now lead the Giants 23 to 9 and they broke out there rookie wide receiver Brandon, I yoke on that drive. He had three catches for 31 yards and then in 19 yard run for a TD on a reverse. So are you making his presence felt for the 40 Niners?.

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