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If it weren't for them. He could have gone somewhere else. And we would have never seen a make a second person was detained and also questioned. Komo news time six thirty six family of soon. John nam is preparing for a big public memorial today. In Puyallup yesterday, a sixteen year old officially charged as an adult in her murder. Komo's Keith Eldridge says the brutal murderer the owner of that small store stunned the community including the school that bowl team suspects attended Decatur high school in Federal Way shocked that to their students could be in on it sixteen year old robbery tops went before a judge charged as an adult with aggravated murder robbery and assault to get a principal. Jamie tough set this message out to parents the purpose of this letter is to let you know that we are aware of information being shared online referencing possible connection between two Decatur students and an incident that happened off campus. The second student is sixteen year old Franklin to whose body was found in commencement bay. Monday shot in the head at this point. Investigators are still trying to determine who. Fire the deadly shot and killed to the preceding Thompson was transported back to juvenile hall where he's being held onto million dollars bail, Keith Eldridge. Komo news. Started killing more California sea lions preying on imperilled salmon in the Columbia River below hydro-electric project on the border national marine fishery servicing yesterday and making public revise criteria. For removing see lines of Bonneville dam officials say Tennessee lines have been killed so far this year. Most as a result of that policy. Change Abedian man will spend nearly three years behind bars for leaving disturbing notes at bus stops and took willa Darren Jones plead guilty plead guilty that is to attempt at commercial sexual abuse of a minor. He made notes with his number on it offering money in exchange for girls used underwear deputy setup sting Jones last April where he thought he was meeting with a fourteen year old girl offering to pay her for sex and modeling when Jones gets out of prison. He must register as a sex offender. Komo news time now. Six thirty eight big weekend here in Washington boating season gets underway. But there are things you need to do before you set sail. Many people don't realize if you have any kind of a watercraft with an engine fifteen horsepower or more. It is required. You have a voter education card through Washington, state parks, Christina Fremont, was state park says you also need safety equipment, including a sound signaling device, especially paddle craft a lot of folks don't realize they're required to have. And that can be a whistle especially kayak having a whistle attached to your life jacket a horn rebel among the vice from state parks, stay sober. And let people know where you're going and when you'll be back. So you're easier to find if you get lost. Also, you can take the boater safety course, online in the convenience of your home. Seattle nightclub owner says even though his building will be demolished by developers. He's found a way for the bands to play on. Joel Moreno has the unusual deal that could save a piece of the city's music history..

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