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All right. Let's talk through the the Bengals chargers game the five and seven Bengals taking on the nine and three chargers. Chargers are fourteen point home favorites to forty seven and. Half-point over under. We don't expect Melvin Gordon to play. I have a note here that says not bloody likely he's not going to be out there, and you don't need them. So that's why Jason you have Justin Jackson running back for the Los Angeles chargers as your start of the week. He is sneaky in DFS as well. I know he's part of your lineup. And it makes a lot of sense. So Jason are you projecting? Justin Jackson, just to be the better running back for the team or. No, I if you have the heads up decision of Ecuador's Jackson. You're still have Ecuador ahead. Justin Jackson, they'll both be involved. But one of the things if you just look at the box score from last week. What what you see is? Oh, equa was the guy in Justin Jackson got a little bit of work. That's not how it worked the first half. Justin Jackson, pretty much wasn't that involved at all the second half. Justin Jackson started getting used. And it was like, oh, he's he's fantastic. He's running great. They gave him more work. He had a good game. Now, he goes up against a w-. World class bad rush defense, and everything is there for I mean, they need to not overuse, awesome equa, and the coaches have talked about that they don't need. I mean, we've seen that said he's wearing down the games where Melvin Gordon's out. Those haven't been Austin Eccles. Great gained. All he struck his style. But you can't struggle against the Bengals salt. My only fear in an ordinary situation would be hey, Austin cler has a great start to this game. They stick with it doesn't matter if they do that for the first half of this game. I think there's enough meat on the bone and enough of a blowout situation here that as soon as they get this game tucked away, even if Austin surprises with a higher percentage of Kerry's to start the game it's going to be put away. Yeah. At home against the Bengals who are awful, Jeff Driscoll and company. Justin Jackson could have garbage time. And that could be enough to make you happy. Yeah. I agree. I I wouldn't worry about the box score halfway through the game with Justin Jackson, and this isn't as my start of the week. He's not a top twelve option to me. He's not a guy that I'm starting over great backs. But this is a guy who should be a solid running back to this week that you grabbed off of waivers, and I want people to be confident that they can start them if they if they need to you know, the number one running back or sorry. The number one wide receiver is since week eight since the squeaky wheel lift Philip rivers know, that he's needs to stop messing around. We saw this last year. Yeah, we in Allen Keenan Allen last week fourteen for one forty eight and one on nineteen targets rudeness over the last month. He has thirty four point six. What's target is that true? Percentage of targets target share tyrel Williams banged up. And it helps that he was he had over half of the targets for the team last week and Melvin Gordon's been out. So it makes a lot of sense on that department. I think like some people I know every week we're talking tyrel, Mike Williams. It's been Mike Williams lately. Tyrod Williams, he still exceeded Mike Williams and snaps last week. I think this week Tiro Williams gets on track. So if I had to pick between the Williams, okay that would be the selection, and I think you can you can take a shot with those guys. There's still what sixty six percent of the targets left out. There Keenan Allen in the gates whatever you're not playing until you get some now in the playoffs on the Cincinnati side of the ball. You're gonna play Joe mixing eighty what's your level of confidence. Joe mixon, his averaging eight fewer touches in losses. And you were you were very bold over there saying that they're going to lose. Yeah. He he is very cozy in the. You know, the back in one high end Rb two area. So he's still high into. Yeah..

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