Jeff Grimes, Donald Trump, Cheyenne Mountain discussed on WIOD Programming


Is on the street already Cheyenne mountain air station Colorado commanders at the north American aerospace defense command maintained tighter security today but said they may have no listen over estimated a threat of attack against the missile tracking center public tours of the man made cavern deep inside Cheyenne mountain nerve center of the U. S. and Canadian air defense and space surveillance were suspended Wednesday additional security barriers installed outside the Cheyenne mountain commander U. S. Air Force Major General Jeff Grimes said in an interview inside the complex that intelligence warning trump did him to tighten security even though the threat was not immediate nor clear cut he said quote you've got to take prudent actions end quote even if you err on the side of caution said this after ordering the heightened security which included starting a twenty four hour security watch at a secondary entrance to the mountain complex that normally is monitored only by video cameras and other electronic sensors quote we had specific information that we are still watching Grimes said he would not describe the information any more precisely than not but said it did not indicate that any of the several other major military sites in the area were threatened it was totally focused apps us here he said.

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