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Is Michael Corey. I'm an editor wired. I'm Lauren good. I'm a senior writer at wired, and we're very excited to be joined by Mary, Lou jepsen. She's the founder and CEO of open water. She's also a display technology expert who has worked as a founder and engineer and executive at a bunch of different companies. She's worked at Google Facebook Oculus Intel she Creative Technology behind pixel Chee, which some of you might remember. I could go on and on you should look up her resume online. I'm probably not doing Justice very very happy to have her with us here today. It's awesome to be here. Thank you for having. So talk about open water. What is open water? It's sometimes described as medical imaging technology, and then in other sort of more. Distortion terms describe as something that's going to read your brain. It's reading and writing our bodies and brains so five billion people on the planet lack access to medical imaging. But if we're imaging your body, we can also image, your brain and your thoughts. We can read Enwright, and we're starting with reading for ethical reasons, but we've certainly done some writing. And so we can in the limit. We can write neurons or do surgery without knife. So we can digitally stream medicine, and so the interesting thing about starting. This is there's there's several other bring computer communication companies that have started in the past couple years by like alone, and so forth there just focused on invasive cutting open, the skull putting something in the brain. Ours is a non invasive solution that can also transform healthcare. And so the ethics for ours are much more complicated. I think for people who don't have a medical degree describe how this is different from an MRI. So it's there's no m which stands for magnet. There's no resonance which are stands for. But there's imaging. And so the way it works is there's like magnetic fields your body is translucent to them. The magnetic field goes through your body. And you can read off the differences in magnet magnetism also gamma rays and x rays go through your body, but lowly red and near infrared light go through your body, if you've ever gone outside on a on a dark night and cupped your hand of reflash light. You've seen red light go through your body. The issue is that the light scatters. And here's the big breakthrough everybody thinks scattering his random, but it's not it's deterministic and reversible as I was looking in my sort of vaunted position at Facebook of the manufacturing process improvements, we were putting into the trillion dollar supply chain in Asia where I've lived in three for decades shipping. Harry edge of optical physics products and the discounting nudity and Moore's law. That's the idea. Gordon, Moore co founder of Intel transistor density with double every eighteen months. It's been true for more than fifty years. This was finally hit. Gene, the factories that make displays and camera chips. And the discounting new ity is that when the pixel approaches the wavelength of light in size, you can modulate modulate the waves in the wavelength of light, and you can record holy ground of the scattering. And then mathematically invert that scattering, and I happen to know a lot about holography because I spent the first ten years of my career in holography, which was totally unfunded. I used to teach history classes to fund Malagasy habit. It's not a popular thing to do. I just really liked it. I know a lot about it. So I've been able to use that knowledge. So what you're actually doing is taking a hologram of what's going on inside my body. Yes. And so there's another trick to it that we use ultrasonic chips little ultrasonic Ping's on we focus on Ping's into your body, and where the ultra sonic ping focuses. The light goes through the light scattering everywhere. But the light that goes through that focus. Ping changes color. Just like the pitch of a police car siren changes as it speeds past you it's called Doppler shift, but we use that in a property of lager Raphy of that only two two beams of exactly the same color light can make a whole of grammar interfere. And when.

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