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And Tyson fury. And I made a confession you during the break Elsie that if either one of those men walk into this room right now, I wouldn't know who they are. I know I know who they are. I know that their fighters, I know that they're both heavyweights. I I know their names, and I know they're ocupation. But I don't know who they are like this. It's weird to have heavyweight champion contenders. And for years, you knew who all these guys were and there's other boxers, you know, whether it's canal, oh or triple g or may weather all the other guys that are part of the forefront of boxing, but the heavyweights as an at least for me, and I don't I mean, I'm zero boxing guy, you know, it more. But it's just weird to not know those guys off the top of your head. Well, I mean, boxing, much like hockey and even some aspects of baseball has fallen in terms of being able to go beyond their sport in terms of recognizing faces recognizable personalities, so as no surprise. To me that if you don't if you're not a die hard. And you wouldn't know who either one of these young men or middle aged man, depending if you period. How old is he how does Tyson forty six? Rajas and paying attention to show. So I can't Jerry invented the inner he's he's in his thirties. We come for talking about decent Garrett which talking about Saizen Horry Tyson firing fury is thirty. Yes. That's what I said. That's what he said. Thirties insert over longer. Never miss a moment. So put the big picture. And they'll think you'll group after this fight is hopefully, we'll get the fight that we want to see AJ versus wilder Anthony Josh for those in don't. But this is really many. I didn't know until this very second. I didn't know Tyson fury was white. Let me tell you something that is the blackest name. All right, man. I'm with you on our give me for generalizing here a little bit the name, and the occupation led me to believe if you his wife was mature, I would've been. You are absolutely correct about that. I was like this. Why this fight is important because as Americans we don't pay attention to the heavyweights anymore because we don't have any heavyweights American. Yes. This fight would be allowed to who is an American defy AJ. Joshua. Who's charming handsome, looking provider from Britain? This would put heavyweight boxing back on the map. I mean, this is what we used to be into. Remember, this is what we all. You know, got around and TV to see well back on a map for Americans. That's what I'm saying. Round the world is someone who went overseas to cover AJ's last fights when he took those eight days all days off because I actually had a paddle the boat over took awhile to be at Wembley stadium eighty thousand people for a boxy met. I I had no idea. Just how big he was beyond the sport of boxing when I got over there. Yeah. And that used to be what happened to American heavyweight? No, a long time for the first ten or twelve years of my career in this business. I was in Vegas six seven times a year covering fights. And it's when Mike Tyson was at the peak of his. Doc de LA Hoya. You had all the Whitaker all these guys were in either at their probably page ward. And so there's nothing like one of those fights. There's nothing like it in the heavyweights are different than the other ones too. And this is why it's so weird. I wish I were kidding. I truly did not know who this guy was when I say to not look like, I meant it. No idea that he's a six foot eight inch white guy from England. I didn't know that and Deontay wilder is also a giant. It's going to be an Rajin are going to fight. It's Michael Thompson with Mike. So I got one or two tickets for. Oh, yeah. Won't be gloves. We're going to be up into sweets. No, no, no. That's awesome. I would love to listen to Michael Thompson, commentating and corny puns about what's happening before can fury win this fight..

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