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First week of December. Actually, weirdly packed. Yes. Show me those first day numbers people playing on the no on the PS four to pre orders are live. Now bundles going from thirty dollars US dollars. I'm forty dollars. I'm sure this bundles those you can get some uncharted shit. Fucking suicide squad at least. Awesome. Okay. Yeah. Moving on finally, the real news. The biggest news the biggest news command into most compel you way know that wasn't the conquer. Yes. Pure as we said before that this is going to be red alert red alert is there. So okay. If you're looking at polygon article linked to red alert Tiberia and dawn, which I wondered if they meant Tiberius, son. I want to have your in. Don might have been commanded conquer four which came out super late like EA years and stuff. Tiberius son was one of the classic ones early to mid two thousand. So I wonder if that's what they're talking about. Okay. I think he got confused. Sorry screaming over there cutoff, Dan. But it does say that they are planning to remastered command and conquer and Kamenica red alert the person they have quoted was lead programmer on February Don red alert. Okay. I probably just doing the first one GDI. Great four K up releases. Those are the two that got me into the series two's, the best one, but hey, forget start with those two and they're getting a petroglyphs studios. Who did a great goo which is a great game. It's totally a red alert type came out also empire at war the Star Wars one which good. Yeah. So I'm super site about that. I would I want any way to play more command and conquer in modern ear and with a lot of these like a lot of these other sort of HD updates. I wonder if this is them sort of testing the waters to see like what the interest level isn't doing more of this at some point. I mean, it's not like EA doesn't need something apparently got their fucking phone. Clash Rayo, apparently, the composer, frankly, Packy is back. Yeah. So are they going to do what the hell's March is that hell March grinder, I've got that on my fucking Spotify. I think those are all Judas priest song titles. Bitting soundtrack those command and conquer soundtracks for rental or to holy shit. March is the best great, Jim. I mean, it's a weird song. But yet it is enjoyable in the way, like the doom soundtrack, I was gonna say like intern. It's like icon to me in the way that Darth Vader's like Dr cure of flying over the statue of liberty. Yes, it is. It is it is one of the video game songs that I had like listen to that. Yeah. He does great work. I think he did did the music for eight bit armies which was an ex like Westwood people made that together very in the vein of. Yeah. Okay. Just hit the part of this article. That says don't expect this anytime soon. Yeah. They said they haven't even started production yet. But I'm still excited. Just turned Inaba. Turn the Fourcade on Dickey. Cain up to. Yeah. Just to get the I file video size. Equal four K. How hard could it be obviously, these are not pixel based games are I'm sorry. These are not three games. Somebody sprites. Yeah. Oh, man. Don't fuck it up. Don't don't make it look like the smooth XP LA on three sixty when. Oh, it's double dragon. But it looks like a terrorist. Yeah. Rasta rised everything. Smoothing filter on it. Oh, please. Don't do that. Also, don't make it look like they're nervous because there's a lot of things that could go wrong because you couldn't see anything before in that game. Now at four km. I going to see like what Tanya looks like. Full actors and stuff and the person looks like or one of them which carry were. My mind of her running around planting c four on the back of idiots base, though. She's back. There is very ingrained deck not change. And then basically hit the button her swimming up river up in power plant, so good. Was the best time..

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