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There was the music that I bought myself, and that was the forty five version of something with the Jackson Five, ABC. CAIRN of Stop the love you save, that's win. Though the forty fives that new played on your little Makeshif record player thing, it wasn't like the Big Stereo that your parents allowed you. The US, but the thing you plugged in, and you had to put that little round thing and the whole. In you know? That was that was the music that I was allowed to play on my own. Keep the record in my bedroom. Kinda thing, but the Jackson Five. That was what young people that's. We grew up imitating the Jackson five and putting the record on and cousins would be Tito and I'd be Michael. Beyond the drums. We spent the whole afternoon like just shaping our performance to stop the love you save so. Those were some of my first memories. I always tease I always tell them that them. When when our C. The Jackson's that. You know for a lot of us. That were young and you know like. They were the first superheroes that we really had. The jacksons were an occupation almost, and it was interesting culturally because there were the Osmond's remember were the big sort of white family group back then, and there was the big debates about who was better, the Jackson Five, the Osmond's and that was a sort of a political state. So how did you feel on the lines? How'd you feel about one bad apple? Apple when it came out where you fold Lino mid was it was cute, because back then you didn't have like fifty million stations, right? The one station and that played all the pop music, so you heard stopped love you save along with one bad apple, and that you know you had your little groove and dances to that, too. But where was your heart? Your heart was with the Jackson five okay. Michael That's money because I. was I'm one of those friends in the Group of friends that is always last to call something, so I was always Tito. Everybody everyone's fight over. I'll be I was also surrounded by my brother and my male cousin, so I was the only girl in the in the in the posse been, so it was just natural that I stood out as Michael you know. I've felt I would justified in being Michael if I had to hang out with all these boys I should at least be able to tell them what to be around. Grand, this. So even then you knew you knew you had a role to play in without even knowing what future is going to be I obviously. Do you remember your first concert. You know that's that we were too broke for concerts. I mean you know I'm trying to think because my kids go to concerts all the time and I'm like you all are so lucky We were too poor for concerts. Quite frankly ma I never saw the Jackson Five Live. I'm trying to think maybe it was in college where and it wasn't really a concert. It was like an arena orchestra. Sort of Stevie. Wonder was playing in an orchestra. Maybe it was in Philly it's kind of a blur, and a girlfriend had the idea of getting tickets and going to see it I do remember. Was! Oh Gosh if I had to have been maybe a sophomore in in college, so that was what eighty. Eighty, two eighty three and it wasn't it Stevie wasn't like on some big arena tour at may be. It was a benefit. I don't i. don't even remember, but I do remember that we had front row tickets and we both walked in. Our tickets were and then we realize it's like we are in the front row happened. We were looking around waiting for somebody to tell us to move to move. but it was just him and his band, and he played some numbers, and then he call his his bodyguard. People pick some people to come up on stage and stand around the piano, and Sing Ebony and ivory and me, and my girlfriend were picked so I was standing on stage with Stevie. By his piano, thinking what ruin, but that was yeah, yeah, no, I never told them about that because I figured he didn't see me. Right? Well I know that Stevie has. been at the White House at least fifty eleven times. Like. Any event that I'm seeing between two thousand eight and two thousand sixteen, like it's almost like Stevie. Wonder comes with the package like TV CV is you know that he and he is all you know he's always game. If there's a cause and it's something he believes in. The first time he showed up was at one of the biggest fundraisers that I had during the campaign It was at Ucla and this was a big announcement because I was I was highlighting I was the keynote representing my husband, the campaign, but Oprah introduced us. It was Maria. Shriver and that was a big deal because that was right when she was going to endorse Barack over What her her husband the governor was. Was Doing, and that was a big deal. Caroline Kennedy so was a women's empowerment kind of thing, the first time I was surrounded by all these mega giants, and I was the keynote speaker they were passing off these introductions to me and right before I went onstage one of our staff, said Stevie wonder's on the phone and he's in the area. He heard about the concert, and he wants to come by and I was like Oh, yeah. So, he just shows up. Like I know that happens a lot. Actually wanted to ask. Are there any other Non Stevie? Wonder moments at the White House, that stands you. Oh Yeah Yeah Prince, but as the first one is prince performing, but of course stevie performed to. Stephen the Ultimate Party crash I get get. When Stevie! There! It's like okay. Steve Guy play Prince and we went back and forth trying to get prints because every time we do our parties and you've been to one of the parties. Yes you've been there and so oftentimes the personal parties were around a birthday or something like that, and of course, prince doesn't celebrate birthdays so. He was like I can't come. But I WANNA come, so we had to figure out how to create something. That wasn't a birthday that he could come to, and we finally worked it out. and you know that was just. That's just prince doing his thing and jamming in a way. where he for the first fifteen minutes, he just let his band riff. You know that generosity that he has to let his you know backup singer lead the song in his bases. They were just jammed before he even showed up and it. That was amazing. Paul McCartney. Singing Michel to me, wow! You know Aretha Aretha has performed performed many a time and you know. She would come with her for and her medal of freedom, badge on because when she came to the White House she wore all her stuff. and she's. She's blown the house down. By everyone from Mick, Jagger to. One of the more beautiful performances was Esperanza spalding. Before she.

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