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I think I don't know that is it about dissolving the medicine or is about the immunity idol like they're just trying to tell you the beast up your immunity because, you know, normally, these Russians are drinking right? And they know the layoff delimited show. But apparently a lot of people are being urged here in Terra firma US debate to lay off the booze and they may have to follow in the footsteps of our own, Brian among luch. Who has a regiment the first three months of every new year in which he claims that he is alcohol free. Will this be your regimen for 2021? Well, I do it for three months. Yeah, that s O reiterate Dad for everybody. That's Z just extra. She's gonna do this for 2021. She does? No, Absolutely not. I'm 51 years old. Why would I? Why would I do that? At this point my life? I don't know. I haven't been alcohol. Good. Enjoy. Don't don't go overboard. Good cleanse it. Doesn't that clip that Clinton's me not Class, but no, I I am. I am going to do it again for the next for the thing is this five years old? Three full three months will not have a sip cooking Sherry. You will not have stern. Oh, you will not melt down. Shoot shoe polish. You polished when you're really a lot of shots when you're real oxide mouth. Yes, like is this because you worry about yourself becoming an alcoholic? Because I When I saw him, I don't have cravings to drink. I mean, when I'm Get into an upset situation or something like that occasionally be like I would like to have a drink, but I'm not. I started this five years ago, and I just kind of stuck with it, and I actually had it on months as they went along with it. That's progressive. I just did it because one like I felt myself getting more rounder and little Rutan on and I felt like I needed a little break. Little Liza wish Could we say Listen, So, yeah, I mean, yeah, maybe. But leave it on the juice. Yeah, of course. Also in the holidays, You know, like, actually, Thanksgiving. We just You know, we just past criticisms dancing around this are you of the following backgrounds? Russian, Ukrainian Belarus, Uh, you polish or Irish? Any of that Irish? Okay, that says it all. That's why you have to go on a bender. Three months That says it all. No, not a vendor. I mean, you're teetotal would dry Johnson that with the Irish is a dry spell. But that's not anything. Anybody who is doing our call screening today and I blanked on your name. What is your name again? So sorry. That's how I knew he is. Yes, he is a new jack, who has joined us today. Um, along with some Matthew Matthew. You could talk, man. Yeah, it's okay. So high. So are you. You're listening to this conversation, Matthew. You know how old do you? I'm 21. Okay, So you're 21? Yes. Have you ever thought about going on like like Brian? Basically a pause with your drinking. I mean, I imagine that you have drinks every because you're 21. Well, I just turned 21 in November so well, I'm probably has been for you were 21. I mean, are you do you drink? I do, OK? Do you drink excessively at times? I'm not challenging. I'm just questioning. You know your college excessively, but you know, every now and then. Okay, Every few drinks, Okay. All right. Would you ever consider this? I can't see your eyes. Let me look at you. Okay. There you go. Would you ever consider this? This pause three months if it's forts best then. Yes. You're probably named after the apostle Matthew Wright, who is a tax collectors. So you're gonna work for the I R s It's okay. But anyway, ladies and gents quit way. Continue on. Thank you, Matthew. And in honor of the return of Brian Manga Loots the attack of the squirrels coming up in Rego Park where they are physically attacking people in that section of queens. This is no rundown.

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