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This is also an issue that affects counties across the entire state of Texas. Abbott says He's hoping for approval during the special set. And for more funding to send to border communities, Nicolo say. W B A P News health officials say a quarter of the covid 19 cases in DFW were caused by the delta vary it and that is expected to quickly get worse. Stephen Love with the DFW Hospital Council says cases of the delta variant are predicted to double every two weeks. We respect people that have not been vaccinated. We're not trying to preach to you. We certainly on being judgmental, but this is a very serious virus. We're not out of the woods yet, he says. Compared to the original strain. One person infected with the specific Delta strain could In fact five people CAT bonds iron W B A P News. Meanwhile, hospitals all over the U. S are scrambling to deal with all time low blood shortages. Linda Gulzar. With Carter. Blood cares is, DFW is experiencing the lowest blood levels it's ever seen. This is a season of lows in the blood industry. Summer is always challenging. But when you take that, after a 15 months long blood shortage that makes it much more challenging bills are hopes the supply will pick back up in the fall, and she's encouraging Texans to donate blood. As soon as possible. If you're thinking that rantings cheaper than trying to buy a new home right now in DFW. New survey suggest you should probably think again. The rental listing service, Zuber says. Several cities across North Texas show double digit rate hikes over the last year were saying pretty substantial growth and rent across the tell you There are a few cities where it's flat. Jeff Andrews says for the year, double digit rent increases were seen in Richardson, Garland and in McKinney. Under pressure from the Public Utility Commission of Texas or cut is releasing information on recent power outages. Haircut released a list of nearly 1300 unplanned outages already this summer data shows. At least 224 of those outages happened between June 14th in June 18th when Texans were urged to conserve energy. The report on Wednesday came a week after the P U. C ordered or called to post information about allergies within three days. The new data confirms outages were from thermal energy sources. Including coal and natural gas. Kim Land kids, WB AP News Hard news for former University of North Texas students downtown Denton icon shutting its doors for good. Denton's Jane J. Pizza will be closing in August after 24 years of service in a Facebook post. The owners say, quote we will miss serving this beautiful and supportive community so so much. The Post also went on to say that the business is closing due to an increase in the price to rent the space. J and J's Pizza wasn't just a place to grab a slice. It was also a popular music venue. Chair Dixon W B A P News Houston police looking for a white four door Buick lacrosse in connection with the road rage, killing the father of 17 year old David Castro says his son was killed last Tuesday. As they were leaving a Houston Astros baseball game. The boy's father, Paul Castro, says someone opened fire as he and his family were driving home, according to The Associated Press. The father says the shooting happened after he made a non threatening hand gesture at someone who attempted to merge into his lane and heavy traffic. Nicole deal. W B A P News you could call this picnic at the palace. Queen Elizabeth has opened the gates Stewart Gardens this weekend, the first time in Her 69 year reign. Britain's Queen Elizabeth is inviting the public to picnic in the gardens of Buckingham Palace covering 39 Acres, Royal officials say it's the largest private garden in London. $23 guests can wander freely around the winding paths. Previously, access was more restricted. The gardens current landscape dates back to the 18 twenties and King George the fourth In London. Simon Owen Fox News Major League Baseball's draft starts today. The MLB draft moving out of New York City this year in favor of the home city of the All Star festivities. Denver's Belco Theater will house the three day selection process that gets underway This afternoon. The Pittsburgh Pirates will be the first time on the clock with Vanderbilt pitchers Kumar Rocker and Jack Lighter, getting the most buzz so far. The Texas Rangers following second, then the Detroit Tigers, Boston Red Sox and Baltimore Orioles, in addition to the first round today will.

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