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Eight twenty five. Now, the Bloomberg business news sponsored by Bayard. Here's Gina cervitti. Police impact. Good morning futures. Have been fluctuating in a narrow range this morning as investors. Look at the latest earnings look ahead at a lot more earnings is the season just got underway from the in Chicago right now, we've got the s&p futures unchanged. Nasdaq futures down three Dow futures down six NYMEX. Crude oil is lower by seven tenths percent at sixty three dollars forty four cents a barrel. Citigroup found some bond trading success in a rough quarter for its rivals in a dramatic ending to what was widely seen on Wall Street is a tough quarter. The banks fixed income traders managed to boost revenue one percent from a year earlier and shares of city grouper higher. But Goldman is lower. Even though it beat earnings per share estimates in the latest quarter net revenue fell short of projections. And the firm posted a bigger drop in equity trading than expected. Stocks posted strong gains last Friday for all of the week, the broader US equity market rose one half of one percent. The wintrust WBZ 'em Chicago index from Bloomberg was up. One percent this past week with business at twenty five and fifty five in the noon business hour live from the Bloomberg newsroom. I'm Gina Cervetti, NewsRadio seven eighty and one zero five point nine FM. Traffic and weather next WBZ news time, eight twenty seven it's blue and I don't get shampoo. The first half of the word is sham and the second part. You definitely don't want to see in the shower. That's why I made up in meet word, slow Texan the feeling of security. You get when you're new houses protected by home insurance through.

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