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Episode we think is going to peak your interest it is from shortly save which is NPR's new daily science podcast host Mattie Safai explores new discoveries everyday mysteries science off the headlines All about ten you met recently Piper Johnson right so she's eighteen and when she was in high school her sophomore year she started vaping then last summer right around the red and then the day we left I was like I think I have bronchitis or something like I was running a fever my heart rate was like Super Super High I I was super like lethargic and stuff so instead of heading to the college campus she and her mom went to the hospital I to the ER and then into the ICU. My oxygen levels just kept going down like more and more I they put me on like one leader to leader and then I had to be before they realized this was vaping oh I was terrified I had no idea what was happening to me because I was like perfectly healthy a week ago Oh I think Piper story really brings into focus this wider epidemic vaping I mean yes there are more than thirteen hundred people like Piper who've become very very sick with lung disease after vaping these cases these very odd cases come on nowhere have really begun to shine spotlight on this habit of vaping that used to be talked about as an alternative to smoking so today on shortwave what we do know what we don't about why abors getting sick.

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