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This year. And several local departments worked at this fire and the owners of the farm tell me they don't know the cause yet South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham told Fox News Sunday, he's hell bent on ensuring that the next supreme court vacancy. Whether it's ailing Justice, Ruth, Bader Ginsburg, cedar otherwise is filled by a conservative, regardless of what outrage follows from the left Graham, the new chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee emphasized that former Democratic Senate Majority leader Harry Reid eliminated, the Senate filibuster for federal appellate judicial nominees and twenty thirteen Republicans later retaliated by eliminating the filibuster for supreme court appointments, meaning that a simple majority rather than a sixty votes supermajority is sufficient to confirm new supreme court nominees. Providence restaurant is closed after reported shooting incident over the weekend, a patron who had been asked to leave fired shots into a door at Lawson sewn Reza on broad street. Early yesterday morning. According to the providence police department, no injuries were reported in the suspect was apparently able to flee the scene after police arrived the city licenses board Ben held a meeting yesterday and voted to close the restaurant for seventy two hours on an emergency basis. Pro Joe's, Amanda milk of its reports, consumer advocacy and environmental enforcement diversion programs and improving access to public records. These are some of the issues the new attorney general says that he plans to take up on his first term speaking at a breakfast yesterday for the brotherhood of temple Beth El a week after he was sworn in attorney general Peter Peter Neronha says he wants to move the office quickly in pursuit of criminal Justice reforms as a former state prosecutor and former US attorney neuronal said he seemed changes it how prosecutors viewed drug cases and addiction. He no longer believes that people should be incarcerated for drug possession. He said to me addiction is a public health issue. More than a law enforcement issue. Neuronal said he wants to expand the offices diversion programs and has spoken with presiding superior court. Judge Alice Gibney about a joint diversion program to steer people away from the Justice system and into treatment. He says, I think we have to take more risks. We really have to take more chances on people Doronin said he wants to give more attention to prison reentry helping defendants return to communities and improve their lives will save money in the long run by creating new victims are sending people back to prisons congresswoman, Alexandria, Casio Cortez's, scolding one major news network. Fox's Tom Graham explains why a CBS news producer recently tweeted out a graphic of the networks. Newly assembled twenty twenty election coverage team, it appears to feature twelve men and women of various races and ethnic backgrounds. But does not include any African Americans. That's drawing the IRA freshman Representative and democrat firebrand Alexandria Akassou Cortes. She took two. Social media calling it on it -ceptable. She also told CBS to try again, one Twitter user responding to a Cossio Cortez saying, quote, if there aren't strict racial quotas for every batch of hires does it mean, a company is racist on quote, so far no comment from CBS. Tom Graham, Fox News. Late last year. The US government accidentally revealed and sealed complaint had been filed against Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks shortly before this was made public the FBI reconfirmed its investigation of WikiLeaks was ongoing and the Wall Street Journal reported that the department of Justice was optimistic it would be able to extradite Assange soon after portions of sealed transcripts leaked implicate WikiLeaks and Assange directing hackers to target governments and corporations the charges against Assange have not been officially revealed, though, it's plausible that the offenses are related to Russian hacking and the DNC emails, the head of the California, utility company Pacific Gas and electric is resigning amid bankruptcy worries in the fallout over its role in those deadly wildfires in the state Asia Williams stepped down as CEO position she held since March of twenty seventeen she was the first Latina CEO of a fortune five hundred company the company is being investigated. Over its role in the deadly campfire which killed eighty five people in northern California. Ticketing and security checkpoint in Houston's George Bush, intercontinental airport is closed because of staffing shortages from the government shutdown the facilities in terminal b were closed yesterday afternoon. Passengers leaving from terminal b have to go to TSA checkpoints and other terminals flights departing from terminal b or operating as normal Illinois is denying R Kelly a permit for an upcoming performance is outrage over sexual abuse, allegations gross. The State Department of agriculture gave the official reason behind the denial as security concerns. The concert was supposed to be April six at the state fairgrounds in Springfield public. Outcry gets the singer has been on the rise since the airing of a lifetime docu series called surviving R Kelly with testimonials of women who say they were abused..

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