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I for westbound soldiers to get the eye to 75 to 75 £7. Same thing closes you Get to the I Port connection. We have an accident. The exit ramp to I four eastbound from I 75 North bound. We have an accident. Nose, Broken Hill for having you West about a Web road. And then there's an accident and Brandon on Adamo driving Falkenberg, then we also have an accident. The same area us 41 at 16th Avenue. John Thomas NEWS, radio W F L A A 70% chance of downpours throughout the day. Today with highs it's 77 69 degrees had news radio W F L A. The Pinellas County woman was arrested for attacking an uber driver. Cell phone video allegedly shows 55 year old Michelle still well grabbing the neck of the driver from the back seat news channel is Justin Checker has more as the driver tried to call 911 Phil will smack the phone out of the victim's hand. And she continued to bite scratch and strangle him by the throat, according to the arrest reports. Deputies indicated they believe Stilwell was intoxicated. The witness video less for more than 2.5 minutes before the driver is able to break free and get out of the car witnesses who saw what happened came to the driver's rescue pulling still well off of him. She was released on $15,000 bond. The second person struck at the ST Petersburg intersection, has died, making two deaths at that location in 10 days. 61 year old Roberts, a pregnant and his wife, 61 year old Darlene, Sir, printed were hit while crossing Central Avenue and 21st Street downtown on April 9th. Al Green is the owner of the Speakeasy Cafe nearby. This intersection right here is just really terrible visibility. I hate crossing and I hate driving across it. Investigators don't believe the driver was impaired. Both pedestrians and businesses nearby say it's notorious for being extremely dangerous. Thinking their jobs were safe. After the Hillsborough School district.

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