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A second night of vigils I'm Carmen Roberts Fox News an outpouring, of sympathy at a candlelight prayer vigil last. Night for the seventeen people who died in a duck boat accident in Branson Missouri That she just, touch Touch us love one for the second. Night in the community hundreds of people showed up at the launch site by the lake Of course like last night we spread the motor Investigators continue to. Gather information about why the tourist duck boats sank and whether the company which owns it knew. About the, impending storm that led to the tragedy A gunman on a bicycle murders a cardiologists who wants treated former President George h.w Bush police in Houston say, that Dr Mark hush necked was riding a bicycle on campus of Houston's medical center yesterday when a man, on a bicycle past him turned and fire two shots the former president issued a statement offering his condolences. And saying that he'll always be grateful for the doctors exceptional and compassionate care police in Canada say they've identified the last known victim of a suspected serial killer Bruce MacArthur was arrested in January. After investigation, into the disappearances of several men in Toronto's gay neighborhood police found the remains of my g Kayhan. After searching a ravine in the Mallory crescent neighborhood. Police say there is no, evidence to suggest there are any further remains of other victims at any other locations MacArthur has been charged with. Eight counts of murder he's doing court next week Lisa lacerra Fox News and found the beloved Les Dr Robin Williams will get a chance to own some of his personal effects the. Hollywood reporter says many of the actors items will. Go up for auction this, fall at Sotheby's Fox News.

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