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Heart terms of conditions apply. Traffic is coming up in less than a minute. But first on the 20th anniversary of the 9 11 attacks, Governor Charlie Baker spoke this morning at a blood drive at Fenway Park. He stressed the importance of remembering the lives lost on that day. How important it is for all of us. Every year at this time. To remember those who were lost. There's an old expression about how we died twice. We die once when we actually die, we die again. When people stop talking about us. For many people this day. Matters because they lost someone on this day. And it's important to them. That we never forget. 5 53 We go to the road super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. David's Droney. What can you tell us? All right, not a whole lot of backups out there. Madison, enough for you to talk about burned. 1 28 cell phone. You can hit the brakes from Walnut Street in Lynnfield, right down to the floor Belief the opposite side. 1 28 northbound looking Good. One Colo from the NFL's down the route 99 in Saugus on no issues on 4 95 between three and the pike out West. At the pike Eastbound gets heavy getting by Newton Corner that from an earlier crash that's cleared the westbound side. Pike is okay. 40 minutes from the proof Channel out to Auburn Brimfield Farmers market, causing delays on route 20 through Brimfield and Stourbridge going down the cape. No issues. Capeside born and born rotary and Bridget looking good. So is the Sagamore. No issues on the mid Cape Highway Route six south of town ruined 95 south beyond still little slow from the top down to the dead dead, Um, Street overpass. Lower end of 93 north, um, hitting the brakes from 1 38 in pass through 28. Randolph Expressway northbound on and off the brakes again from the gas tank to Columbia Road again, massive into the O'Neill. Cellphone. Cellphone Expressway. Heavy mass action a positive clear right through the Braintree Split three. Dortmund seeing a little delay between Derby and route 18. Otherwise, Route three is looking good. Downtown 90 three's back to Sullivan Square. Still lever down ramps still have that slow left lane ride to start. I know she's on the river roads are looking good. The airport tunnels are on time. The Tobin is fine both ways, David said. Ronnie WBC's traffic on the threes and we go to AccuWeather's Bob Summer back with the four day forecast mostly clear and breezy at times tonight, lows ranging from 60 and some western suburbs to 68 on the Cape and islands tomorrow.

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