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Title role if they wanted to make five sequels on top of that and he also thought that she could handle the role of her nemesis. Still quite well. Randy Quaid somehow was also offered a role to appear. He was offered a role of this bumbling idiot who ends up getting in trouble and needs Sonia come save him but he ended up declining because he felt that he had played too many oaths in his career he wanted to avoid getting continued typecasting now after they had made this film and it was about to be released. The advertisements for Red Sonja really started to play up Schwarzenegger's involvement although he's clearly not the main star of the future. If you watch the poster displays Schwarzenegger much more prominently the Nielsen. And he appears first in the credits not only on the poster but in the movie itself now in other countries it was even worse than what they did in the United States. The title is actually named in many countries after his character. Instead of after Sonya I Schwartz nigger ended up deeply resenting that his fans. We're going to be fooled into thinking that he was the main star of this movie. He didn't even want to be in and even though he wasn't on the shoot they really maximize the amount of footage that they had which works ear to be put into the film. They even include detest shots of him riding a horse around that he did at the beginning and put those into the movie. One clever thing that they did in order to get more footage Schwarzenegger to us is that. Whenever he appeared in a scene they used three different cameras rolling footage of calendars scenes and somehow through clever editing. They ended up stretching his screen time to seem like he was in the film a lot. More and from then on thinker was miffed. He swore he would never accept appearing in a film in which he did not believe in one hundred percent now. Objectively Red Sonja is a pretty bad film. It has terrible acting if very amateurish and a lot of respects in the direction is just not that inspired but it does have some redeeming qualities. It has really appealing landscapes and has a Greek quality set designs. And that's because they ended up bringing over to respected Italians in show business cinematographer geese at Beirut and the costume and production design of Danilo Denali. Both of these talents work on some Federico Fellini's finest films and they also worked for Dylan RENTA's recently in Flash Gordon anymore. Twenty provides the excellent score. Which in itself does give it that Special Spaghetti Western vibe especially as you see the heroes trotting around to that score on horseback now. That score for Red Sonja has not quite earned the reputation in comparison to the iconic scores by Bastl Polidori for the Conan films and I think that's primarily because of the reputation of Red Sonja more so than the quality. I would say it's on the same level of silliness if you want to gauge it. As CONAN THE DESTROYER. It does have less arnold so that automatically probably makes it less appealing to most people. The acting here really is a liability even from Schwarzenegger who delivers one of his worst performances. In this movie but there are some Nice comical supporting performances by twelve year. Old Karate Champion. Ernie Reyes junior as Prince. Tarn and Paul Elspeth. Who really is kind of a scene stealer? To a certain extent he came over. After making Dune for Della RENTA's he plays Prince Torrance. Faithful Servant Falcon. They definitely provide some welcome comic relief to this otherwise pretty stiff material and I often forgotten among the cast Ronald Lacey. He plays gibbons main minion equal. Which is Loki spelled backwards. This is a part that's very similar to his most memorable of roles in of the lost Ark. And I guess maybe kind of a coincidence both of those films featured the quest for a powerful artifact or object that can be used to take over the world now Red Sonja when it was released it was greeted with absolutely skeeving critical reviews and fair just as badly at the box office with a fifteen million dollar budget still did not make. It's money back. Debuted at number ten in its debut week with only two point two million dollars and then fell rapidly out of sight after that all told in United States. It only earned seven million dollars in its entire run now. Granted did not help to be released on the same day as a blockbuster known as back to the future but against a dramatic non blockbuster in the form of the Emerald Forest also was released the same week the Emerald Forest me three times as much in its entire run and that did not have any bankable stars to tout now doodoo feeling used to sell the film at the cost of his reputation and maybe to keep some distance from red. Sonja would be one of the rare instances in Arnold Schwarzenegger's career in which he declined to do any promotion at all for one of his films years later. Schwarzenegger who almost always speaks highly of pretty much every movie. He's participated in even if they really sucked. He called Red Sonja the worst movie. He's ever made any often quips. That when his kids misbehave he threatens to send them into the rooms and forced him to watch it ten times and they pretty much stopped giving him trouble after that now as with Conan the destroyer Red Sonia's only awards consideration would be the Golden Raspberry awards the razzies you know. These are the ironic awards given to the worst prominent films of the Year Brigitte Nielsen. She took the award for worst New Star and she also got a nomination for worst actress. Now Senator Bergman also received a Razzie nomination for worst supporting actress but she ended up losing that dubious price too rigid Nielsen because of her supporting turn in Rocky Ford. She took that award so she ended up with two razzies and despite her multi picture contract with Della Rees the critical and financial dropping that endured assured that they would never be equal. Because de la. Renta's pretty much went bankrupt within a year or two after this. So that pretty much killed the franchise not only for Red Sonja but for Conan. In general it really did bury a lot of people. Luckily though Schwarzenegger still was able to endure in fact Maria Shriver when they were first screening. The film in a theater leaned over to Arnold and said if this doesn't end your career nothing will and nothing really has but it's still a pretty lackluster movie. I have kind of a soft spot for it. There are a lot of elements he kind of learned to like over the years. I really liked the way it looks. I've gotten to really enjoy some of the hammer aspects of the film too so it's a bit of ironic movie watching but there is something still intrinsically enjoyable about sitting there watching. Red Sonja even through its awfulness. So that's why it can't be too harsh. I can't really be generous either but I will give Red Sonja to stars out of four stars on my skill means that I do think it's lacking something. Vital that would keep it from being a movie that I recommend to. Most people on that thing that it's really lacking here is any real inspiration. In terms of its storyline. It really does have a bubblegum comic book story that most people would end up ignoring for the bells and whistles and even if it plays as a comic book. I think your average issue of Conan the barbarian written by Roy. Thomas is infinitely better to read than to endure this as a story but as a movie to crack open a beer or two or four or five I think there is an enjoyable aspect to Red Sonja despite its general awfulness enough here to give two stars out of four before I leave here. I will say that. There's been a lot of talk recently in recent years about restoring Red Sonja to the big screen. In fact over maybe even a decade ago there was. Talk about rebooting the franchise. Robert Rodriguez really wanted to bring this to the big screen. Rose McGowan was going to be his Red Sonja however a severe injury to McGowan's arm left it pretty difficult to move his her arm and do any kind of sword fighting so they had to kind of abandoned that idea in two thousand eleven Simon West Te- was tagged to lead a Red Sonja reboot with the possibility of amber heard being in that role but Conan the barbarian the boot with Jason. Momoa bomb big at the box office. That really nixed any interest in doing a similar film. However I think the reason why it's become such a hot commodity in the last couple of years was the success of twenty-seven teens wonder woman then that's when they really looked for other similar properties that they capitalize on that would make this a lucrative feature for somebody wants to take it up in fact in two thousand. Eighteen Bryan singer became attached to direct. The next Red Sonja however sexual assault allegations ended up finding him removed. And recently he's been replaced with Jill Solloway. So will it still make it to the big screen? We don't know but at the very least somebody out there is really trying to bring it back anyway. If you have your own thoughts on Red Sonja or the Cohen Movies that you want to import you can find my contact information at my website. Dot Net Q. W. S. t. e. r. Dot net. You'll also find links to my twitter. Feed my facebook page my instagram anyway. You want to get in touch with me is perfectly fine by me. Quits due dot. Net is where to go for all the details. As far as what? I'm going to be covering next week. I'm going to be staying in the fantasy action adventure genre just a bit a little bit more contemporary though. Because next week I'm going to be going to nineteen eighty-four for another female lead hero Phil based on a character. You can find in the comic book. Realm Sheena Queen of the jungle from Nineteen eighty-four starring. Tanya Roberts definitely a film that I have not necessarily enjoyed over the years but I'm GONNA keep an open mind. It's been awhile since I've seen it and I'm looking forward to at least delving into the making of that film because I to some questions answered so for next week. Sheena Queen of the jungle is on your to watch list to keep up with reviews and until Dan. Thanks so much for joining me on this journey around the world in eighties movies..

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