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To Max's got zinc in it this other thing okay ahead of the others awful work does work like that it doesn't work like that is how the chemical structures put together both of those compounds there's nothing to do with I'm gonna take zinc over here goin on over here that that not so my point is this god bless please let me know let's say you know I've been taking this forever I've been surrounded an E. R. by coronavirus patients and I have come now that because I've been drinking quite no water in town and zinc tablets but I I don't know can't hurt it's not the deaths of bad for you I will tell you this I hate corn and water god never walked into a place when when the waitresses do you know where you want to drink I always say a fizzy water I where was I was at a now is a place I spoke in a battle cry better credit the bartender to back room I want to purchase a date when you want to give me give me some of that there are gobs fizzy water is okay because the back she comes out hands me the glass a tipper I walk away I take a drink it's quiet I don't water I hate that stuff that that is in Palo I mean it was whoever thought of during June and that Patrick Colbeck if you ever drink gin with quinine water terrible now all right I kind of stay away from that all time like water shoes terrible just terrible anyway I mean I did it's just insane this one though is the worst flu alcoholic beverage ever come up with the history of mankind but I digress hello and welcome to program it to do it yeah I do like Bernard Shaw I lover's Hey look around somebody telling jokes when you have that on that note let me ask you I don't know what it is about rumors I love the taste of it just on the rocks it's great if you add milk to it they get kind of a Boston cooler okay screen but it gives me heartburn like crazy does Werner's do that to you now now and I cannot get in I got I got to make sure I have tons of of Tom's handy or whatever else sells rapper because I drink burgers and former is giving her prom okay anyway what's up just walking around today our site does that create the push toward by getting data out there and I I think the one thing that I think we can all agree on is that there's a a lack of data driven solutions coming out of our elected officials and my thing and affect only president trump actually talking about Lucien and I I think it's about time we started talking about how we get out of the not so responsible labor right now fears driving all the solutions I thought I call and timeline relied or there's a showdown the first twenty blanks of the one you get blamed for a runny nose in the in the state when we re open the state for business and school and what's going to happen it's good that there's no way that we're gonna come out of some magic date and everybody's going to be just fabulously well right of this never happens again the fire in the morning that that happened after that they're gonna blame whoever push for opening night opening the businesses and also you were you're in the belly of the beast for two terms of talk with senator Patrick Colbeck here he was a state senator for two terms and when you're sitting on a table with people do they ever discussed anything with a look at the data and then they say okay it's not logical go to article through funny yes I already knew the answer are you there I mean all it's all about political optics that's what's driving it I mean there's and so all these are political solution unfortunately I ate the so all this time line malarkey that's going on right now I want to see people start talking about what are the conditions on the ground they need to be in place beside the date on the calendar that it says that it's safe to go up and open a business account that's what I want to find out and it's it's kind of frustrating that I don't see anybody Christmas I decided to go out and take a shot at it myself and go back into old geek engineering mode because you know the longer we stay shot the more businesses are gonna be going out of business the more folks are losing their jobs I'm feel like you can't believe with this business here I mean I I just got the flu before one of the literally just for one year was somebody who's they're out of business and this is this is dangerous times ran right now because we're like yelling or getting hurt in around cars right now my friend I mean and I and we're not doing anything we're just following the lead lambing and just stuff and if we have what we gonna do we we literally are told what's going to happen in Michigan and we just take it and we've been accepting that for ten fifteen years twenty years in Michigan I want to try to change that a little bit and get people thinking about well what would the current what would the condition to be on the ground for us to go off and and re opened so I yeah you know my background in engineering I want to go off and identify them by the way I don't want to dismiss the fact that people are dying people are dying there's no doubt about that this is a real illnesses are not a fake elements or anything like that I know people that are severely afflicted by it and it's a big deal but the key thing is you know we were in the middle of a flu season that over twenty four thousand people have died from minimum so far in the U. S. and for some reason we didn't shut down our society for that so what's what's going on specific over tell we did shut our society down for polio I go back to that that that yes the street use of goods yeah if you really want to blast go back watch mode you keep videos of of national archive footage your kids will do of the middle of our winters that would have all the ACLU players up and I'm trying but anyway so let's look at pollution how can we get out of there and I said well whatever we come up with half the half the address seven basic area of some basic objective number one's got to protect others number two seconds after you do that yeah what Patrick was talking about he's put into a piece that you can access and print this out for yourself and share with people's call looking for a rational data driven policy solution to covert nineteen question marks asking the question I have status on their own extinction and they run X. on Facebook and you've got it on your **** but pizza people can actually get out this yeah thank you yeah I just I want search shape in that discussion a little bit and get people focused on I'm not you know everybody's been doing pushing the fear mongering garbage and I'm tired of that and time to talk about hope and president trump he only one really doing that thank you you can't be all whole brain and not acknowledge the risk of what's happening here but you can't be a much bigger scientists talking about all the rest without a discussion of hope either you got to balance that and I'm not trying to deal with the solution so number one you got to come up with something that's protecting other simple things like not very fast you're not during the virus even if your asymptotic or if Informatik yeah you wanna make sure you're not Schering electrical ground then yet then element protection protecting yourself and whether it's the Corning that you're talking about or some other calls like the measure to go off and and build up your own immune system you.

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