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Can actually watch gabby and brian's most recent video where they talk about how they had downsized their life and they were going to go across the country in disband catching morning. Yoga gabby and bryan were last. Seen august twenty fourth leaving a hotel in salt lake city and never all the way in utah and nfl instead of my him one of these trees and kind of like in the desert cheese. The next day gaby's mom says she spoke on the phone with gabby who says that they were in wyoming and that they were headed toward yellowstone. What we know after that is that about a week later. September first brian laundry return to his home in florida without gabby gabby potatoes family looking for any clues as to what happened to the twenty two year old. We don't we don't know where she is because the two of them were living this lifestyle where they were travelling all over. The place sometimes lead lose cell service. Sometimes they'd be busy. It took a while for gabby friends and family to notice that they hadn't heard from her in some time. A few days is one thing when you're out camping but when it starts to become seven eight nine ten days. That's the problem. And so then eventually they realize that gaby is missing. They report her missing because her boyfriend. Bryan laundry did not police in utah. Released new body camera video today showing petito and laundry a short time after they told cops that they had gotten into a minor. Scuffle what's going on. Fighting tito took. The couples camper van laundry. Stayed in a hotel arranged by police. It's what happened the next day and after that that no one knows no one except laundry and so then it sparked this entire chain search that spanned across multiple states to find gabby potato bread. Well what did brian laundry say. What happened. I mean because eventually this to become the huge huge story it did and will i. Brian said nothing and now brian himself has disappeared. Way brian laundry now is gone as well. Yes brian laundry. The person of interest in the missing person case is now a missing person himself His attorney reached out to law enforcement on late friday evening so the family need to speak with us that they were concerned. They had not seen brian since tuesday. They didn't have a criminal case. They had to missing person cases but the recent is became such a flash. Point is before brian went missing. He was not speaking with investigators and neither were his parents. Potatoes parents have now sent a letter to the family of gaby's boyfriend saying we believe you know the location where brian left. Gabby how could you let us go through this pain and not help us. They were protests outside of his house because they felt that the only answer to finding this woman who was somewhere in the west possibly somewhere up in the mountains was with this man her boyfriend. You could be out here for months if you wanted. And what we've seen in florida is search crews going through a nature reserve here northport. That brian's family reported that. Brian went to back last week. On tuesday and also brad. When they reported their son missing they also still would not take any questions about gabby. And you bring up this interesting image. Trevor which most missing persons cases do not get lots and lots of people protesting outside of somebody's house before it's even come to a conclusion yet and that's what seems to have happened in this case. Is that because of i. Guess the celebrity. This kind of very niche celebrity. That gabby petito occupied. Yeah bread i mean. This is not the first missing person case to capture the nation's attention but it does seem to mark a pretty noted shift in the cultural zeitgeist in that we are watching all of these people particularly online having this extremely strong reaction to a person who is missing and actively trying to solve it themselves. Okay this is a pretty big day in the getting potato cakes the caption is not like her normal captions. It said happy. Halloween with two emojis. In we've seen people sharing these theories seeing what they can pick up on video or tracing it on maps. This most definitely gabby potatoes. Ford transit van. I saw him from tick-tock which then made me call the authorities. A woman believes that she and her boyfriend picked up. Brian as a hitchhiker. A couple of days after gabby was last seen. He then told us he's been camping for multiple days without his fiancee. He did say he had a fiance and that she was working on their social media. Page back their van. Got video has eight million views on tick-tock and you're watching these people who very clearly are fans of maybe murder mystery podcasts or shows like that things that are more recent media that see this play out in real life and are trying to make it something that they can be involved in like. You're taking part in the in the true crime podcast before there's a true crime podcast absolutely and it's this really weird threshold of pera social relationships in the blur of what is real life and tragedy and what is content and entertainment. That isn't a new experience in america but it is definitely a new look at how this is evolving in you're seeing also and how it impacts law enforcement to. We appreciate the tremendous support from the public. The support from the public's response to request of tips has been remarkable in the past. If a person thought that they had a tip and they wanted to share it they could share to law enforcement and it would be that until law enforcement investigated it now. A person can post about it or whatever their theories are and it can catch on and we saw that just the other day here in florida when someone tweeted that they had heard over. The police scanner that they had discovered a body in for a while. Everyone on the internet thought that investigators had found the body of brian laundry in this nature reserve and police had to come out and say no. That's completely false. It's not true. We didn't find anything so while it can help to have extra eyeballs on the case. Certainly and in every instance law enforcement has expressed gratitude to the people who are opening up about what they're seeing or what they think they might know or have experienced. It can clog the machine yet. We've seen citizen investigators before. I guess this is citizen. Investigators going viral during an ongoing investigation. Also we mentioned the silence from the laundry's brian's attorney says he specifically advised his client not to speak to anyone of course that was before his client went missing. Trevor all in florida. Thanks so much. Thanks brad next on. Start here immuno-compromised. People get boosters and seniors get boosters and other people and kind of everyone get wiser on pfizer after the break academy sports and outdoors and sarah spain or teaming up to bring you to exciting episodes of her podcast. That's what she said that's the name of it. That's what she said it features insightful conversations with captivating women who are blazing trails in the sports world and the great outdoors so guests ranged from a wnba legend to a professional fly. Fishing guide to an nc double a. Conference commissioner going to hear from stain antonio spurs assistant coach becky hammon espn star laura rutledge hardcore carnivore founder. Just piles and more. He special episodes air in october. So be sure to catch. That's what she said presented by academy available. Wherever you listen to podcasts..

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