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Now i think back into cemented anthony that collins with you when it comes to the cowboys and packers a number of place take out with green bay heading into came about sending you can't think of the 2017 division around in the playoffs specifically what aramaki pretty much effort highway span rogers willing to clicking a pass downfield to tight and gary who somehow got his freedom bound for a thirty yard gainful set a meeting could be one yard field goal as time five practice would go on to win thirty four thirty one at eaten meat import quota for the packers revenge will certainly play a factor in this one rodriguez foreign one again dallas in 2010 in as one of his last six meetings against the cowboys overall balance thirteen delete rogers has also when the meeting dallas in both postseason methods now let's send it back to first thank you thank you you just heard here on sunday the cowboys they're looking to redeem themselves for that vision around playoff loss to the packers that we all remember last season two in to dallas is tied for second in the nfc east even name the time to consider the cowboys a onehit wonder colin mcrae army and i'm not so sure but i have no problem saying that it's a stark why is this the possibility albeit less just look at this right now listen what about told job what can go wrong we'll go wrong they are an accident waiting to happen remarked accident look this is this isn't a up so what does happen people sit there rave about all the talent one of the first questions i ask this.

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