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S. V. I'm Jay black in twenty minutes breaking down the future of Georgia's heart beat bill which at Hollywood threatening boycotts but not before filming a record breaker Avengers in game becomes the highest grossing film of all time two point eight billion and it was shot at Pinewood Studios in Fayette County and with facts are look at the big winners in chart toppers of twenty nineteen years Ashley fresco yeah J. time's person of the year the youngest ever the changes required a still no where in sight sixteen year old Greta Thunberg the climate change activist from Sweden Amazon's Jeff Bezos remains the world's richest person at worth a hundred and thirty one billion this year Forbes names its most powerful woman German chancellor on glow Merkel dancing close the speaker of the house ranks third in entertainment bohemian Rhapsody takes on the most Oscars this year with four but the Best Picture is green bug Amazon best book of twenty nineteen the testaments by Margaret Atwood in television is everything we wish it wasn't so I got to think about something else occasionally but it is believed that wins the most enemies including best comedy ball game of thrones is best drama for record tying fourth time for music Casey mass graves wins album of the year and ties it lan is childish Gambino for the most Grammys speak in a local nas acts from lithia springs stays at number one on the Billboard charts for nineteen weeks this year J. that's a new record and position on the record setting song of the year my favorite was a you tube video of the elementary school children dancing to this I watch dozen times because gradually since to him what an outstanding graduates to you on a great year as well thank you to J. lo mas except the hottest song ever and this whole year is.

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