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So I think you're right. This game has potential has trapped potential, but it's in LA too. I think I, if I have to bet on this one, I'm still put my money on on the Rams. Pulling out the win. Yeah, and we all know how incredible this Rams offense has been. What I didn't. Yeah, I guess until I went back and watched watched a couple of games, but I went back and watched the last one. Jared Goff has been really good to the point where I know he ingrowing one, I got. Towboat crow, eating opportunities. I have to eat crow on it because I was one jerk off with terrible under Jeff Fisher was the worst and I was I was high on how I'm always high on how important a good coordinator is to making players, seem better, build offense around a guy, and I was really high on McVeigh's that McVeigh turning off into serviceable. But then I watched the games and I'm like golf, some throws like he's, he's a good quarterback. I was wrong. I'm eating crow. He's. Claire thrown in three. Barbecue. You know what? Eights week three, we could still be right about all of this terrible Jared graph could be a system quarterback. He has looked really good. And the other thing that struck me as you know, Brandin cooks is the new Sammy Watkins. He allowed better Sammy Watkins. Okay. Like a very, it's kind of a perfect perfect test in that you had them. He's out. Okay. Now put him in. He can just, he just takes the top. I mean, the what Sean McVeigh has been able to do on account of Brandin cooks presence now is unbelievable. I don't know, man, this this offense is just crazy. Good. And that's what makes it so hard because these strain together, these long dries and. There's this undeniably at this point to me the best team in the NFL chiefs Aram 's our offense. Take one. You can only have one which often Lee want. It's not that hard. It's not that hard. Yeah. What do you mean? It's not that hard? Well, I have a thing for Andy Reid, so I'm a little biased, but chiefs have. Have, I guess, like playmakers that every position not that the the Rams don't, but I think that sheeps playmakers are better than the Rams playmakers. And I also think that quarterback is better than the Rams quarterback the the difference that the Rams have is a serviceable running game. I think they're, they average like more than a yard more. An attempt running the ball, then then the chiefs do so a serves will running game is is important. That's nice to have in football, but you know what even better is a guy who can throw the ball eighty yards in a couple of guys who can run under it, which is kind of what the chiefs to their ability to do that on first and second down terrifies, whoever they're playing against, and it opens everything else up. And I just I love the chiefs. Now, imagine if so the chiefs, this week's TV away ratings came out the chiefs. I believe our best offense in absolute worst defense. All right. Now, the Rams are probably second or third or something and offense. I think in the top five in defenses well, so I just don't think there's I completely made up the numbers by the way. I, I just don't think any other team in the NFL comes close right now. The second best team, the chiefs ten team with the worst defense in the NFL be the second best real three phases to the game of football, Megan. Teams by the way. They're, they're special teams, special spent. I don't dunno. I didn't hear the proper. Let's try to get to try to get special teams is. Okay. They are phenomenal special teams and so that field position matters. It matters quite a bit. So I'm gonna go ahead and say that that third phase of the game, they're the best. I think I'll check all the stats, but I would argue that they are the best special teams in the NFL right now. So you put together desperate teams best offense. Maybe you don't have to be that great defense, but there's that great. And then there's worsening FM, but it's week three four now right before. Yeah, this is before. All right. So the Rams are the best team in no one else's. Very good. We're done. So you're next. I have one more..

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