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I know ryan mark jacobs and i've seen a picture of him somewhere had this like fakes to if he's <hes> off his character from thing from the portfolio and i was like oh god i love that factor to you <hes> with yourself as as a simpson he goes no it's not fake back and so he had to be has of the of things on marc jacobs marc jacobs simpson which has been conceptualized by julius suzy artisans in may wow. It's wild for life for life. I love that sort of stuff. I love the weirdness of it definitely so fun just so that was like oh. This is cool so i just kept going and so i you know over all the years that i was there. The role change so much the world has changed so yeah and you have to be. I think i think it was a creative producer. You gotta make half go to persuade the people the money and you constantly have to have new ideas and better ideas than last ideas and alabama and <hes> and i think that's what i love. I love being like like oh come on. What can we do that. I want anybody. I think this is the thing is like from being far away. I still get a kick and this doesn't sound disingenuous. If anybody turns up like on a shoot i'm like anything he was in the shower especially when they fly somewhere where i live i do. I think that if you had a thought about something around in the shock being a good example. I love the movie jaws. It was yours anniversary. I love the picture of steven spielberg goofing around in these big like naff like white socks in the shark's mouth and then you go..

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