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It's going back to the card. I was going to say speaking of ksw to the dog. Marcus Perez dricus do places fight that's a banger match up to I know Ross and Emily are all over the place is Caesar ksw Champion. I thought previously but it's a middleweight fight and yeah Marcus Perez is a monster too. So that's placed on the card pretty damn good. You know what I mean? It's burnt down from the top. So I think from that that fight on up, um, you got some pretty good entertainment and followed, you know, of course by the Ben Rothwell, my phone amirkhani is low key kind of Rosa rankings fighting a veteran Edson Barboza. So that fight is I mean if if Aamir Khan is going to really make his Mark went over at Sandbar Bose. I really has put anybody in great position of the past in the UFC. I mean cuz everyone Barbosa's off like the measuring stick for everybody now, huh? Yeah. Yeah, he's been that way in in 55. I mean, of course, he's featherweight now, but at fifty-five if you were going to become the champ or become somebody you had to go through him and you know dead. Justin Gates you did it, you know look where he's at now. So yeah, but they come the gatekeeper James. He became a gatekeeper into divisions fast-tracking forever. Yeah. Well, let's let's talk about predictions from you want to do the predictions for the premium package. Just go straight to the bank card 15 minutes. Yeah, we could do the main car. That's fine. Just turning off the curb. You have yourself a law versus off the top. I'm going to go to Joseph. King on the second round I'll go with Yosef as well. No specific smuggle. You also tend to his opponent date know though, but ugly Joseph. Yeah, I like his style he of course, he was previously an LFA guy and I've been keeping a close eye on these guys coming in and I think his last fight was just like a last-minute fight against wage Peter Barrett. I think it was a two days notice or one day. He didn't look his best but it's a you know, a two-day notice fighter was like a covert situation, but he's ready to go here. You such a lousy obese man. I think he'll he'll be fighting fire but definitely takes the win. But next Tom aspinall versus a Lambo. I don't know how you say that last name. Don't but don't I believe that's right. I'm just kidding over here. I don't know these guys tell me in Louisiana and two days, right? Yeah there I'm just going to click on. I will go with time to to this can be a second fight in the UFC both of them from Europe. So Tom's from England and Allen's from France. I think it says so but I think for Alan it's a Volvo XE Bayview and for Thomas is going to be a second go-around. That's always a good advantage to have get your opponent. It's a heavyweight fight. So anything can go it's a fifty-fifty shot. Basically, right? I'm going to go with the new. Go ahead and Guy. Yeah, let's go. Hopefully and I like to consider do The Last Samurai. Yeah, let me tell ya I think if they have Joe Martinez announcing it'll sound good that can come in. You know what I mean? Cuz this is like his style men. Yep, Europe. All right, next up Marcus Perez versus directors do policies and our home of our team is going for the for practice. So is it dragon sword rictus or what? Is it? Leave it strike us, Texas. Okay, Mark is Pettis. And what's a good, good fighter? I've watched a couple of his fights. So but I'm going to go with what our boys out there on the other side of the pond. I'm going to go and Dreyfus for this fight. I'm here cuz they cuz they've been putting a lot of hype on the Stars. So I'm going to jump on that train and and see what's up. I agree. I'm going to go with him to I'm curious to see what he does in his debut. I think Marcus Perez is like an American top team guy. So he trained with some some leak Killers. He seemed the underdog to place. This is a favorite at - 1:45 to 5 winning streak Perez is a win-loss win-loss last couple of bouts. So he's kind of shaky. I think the closest is going to come out and shine and he's placed on the card that high up for a reason. So I think you got to deliver and curious to see how how it it's a it's a big match up for him. User I hope we just talked about this site but we got to do our predictions Ben Rothwell vs Marshall and Cambria. Mother site that we just don't know who's going to get knocked out. Yeah, pretty much both. These guys knew they'd love to stand in pain. So so Fox man, I mean Ben Roethlisberger with the organization for a thousand years from Marcin. I mean, he's just a bistro so fuck I might toss a coin toss the coin Raynham it. I don't know if I have a coin here, but I'll go with them. I'll go with Roth. Well, I think both guys got a some submission skills, too. So don't be shocked. If somebody stepped out Roswell has been dangerous doing that and Siberia if he's able to get the fight to the ground. He's very capable to so that's why I'm kind of I don't know. I I I want to slide to Tiberius side. I mean, it may be a tough place. Bad decision, but I wouldn't be shocked to drop it off jokes about early. Yeah. Marcin sorry Ben Rothwell, I recall one of those type predictions Rob. We got a name for it the time the submission the like that guy. Yeah submission off anaconda choke on the second one at 3:35 second mark. Over all right. Imma throw it out there over handwrite Roswell hurts him. It's pushed against the fence afterwards tiberio tries to recover then gets Guillotine choked out. I'm standing 3 minutes and 29 seconds of the Personal Jesus. That's that happens. All right, it's going to happen. It's going to be a one wild first minute of the first round and then that's going to happen. Remember I said it. Mark Mark says attachment Robert Big Ben. I'm sorry Mark, but I'm picking the young guy..

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