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That we gotta do something to get at this issue of gun violence in this country and you know there are some really good common sense as we can do to help reduce the likelihood that these things will happen what's going to task before we have tougher gun laws and takes a common sense steps to make it harder for the semi automatic weapons to get into the hands of people who are killing her friends that our family and neighbours at so governor gina raimondo she's out on a tour of the state uh she was also doing some facebook live uh talking to people about her first one thousand days in office which on any other day in light of this massacre in las vegas we would be talking about that as well but reporter stephen steve klamkin wpro news room caught up with her two obviously way am on this horrifying story that developed last night in las vegas end that that was the governor and then also you heard from congressman selimi art news crews were also out and they also i believe we've talked to senator jack reed congressman lange oven senator white house i'll we'll get all that to you as the morning develops i we're trying to bring you the very latest as it comes in from the newsroom but i think the common thread most people are saying here it's going to start to talk about you know what needs to be done and in light of a major story or a major um crime being committed now the gunman is dead do you find out what the motive if any there was how it all came about and of course.

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