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I down Mike. Just like a putt there. 'cause he come on. Ball has the tendency to go left. Hey, mike. You're an electric human being then an electric human being. Eight after lining it up. It's pin seeking pump pump pump pump. Oh, they'll short there. You get a good bounce probably would've got a little bit more only eight point nine dollars in the thing. And only eight it was on the outside of the thing. You see if you get deeper into the thing, you get more points. You still got two balls left, though, you're sitting pretty here to take at least third place, you're fourteen away from here you get fifty four. Oh, the big sticks coming out is that what we're thinking here. Oh, a couple of little side. Is there from Mike Pereira? I think he's up to something possibly cooking right now. He's brought out the big stick my Barreiras Gowan long. Two goals left. The old bird box into Orleans. Bruce, Arians said, you're all terrible. Take your anger out on the ball hits. So far to the wall. Where are you going, man? I thought we're going to get mad at the ball other. We're gonna hit the hell out of it. We're going down now, which is that my fault excuse me. Is that because of me I was trying to get you mad there. I told you what my goal was. Okay. All right. I wanna be next. I know this is strategy. Alright. I got it. There's certain things like all right. I have no future with Bruce Arians. I think you do actually you just don't know it yet. He's coaching for Tampa. Again. I would love yours press conferences Pereiro. They're fucking TV booth. Okay. I'm how many points. Do. I have you have ninety six points right now. I want to be below or above. That's great question. We're gonna learn a lot about you Mike right here next Cup of shots. We're about to learn a lot about you. That was poor old Portuguese Pereira coming through two balls left. He's going back to the original strategy. All that's a great shot. That is a great shot sixteen pointer one twelve you are right on top of Chris Thompson, well below Bruce Arians though, Mike well below hey, you can catch. Yes. Yes. You can't think I had no strategy. You take you can't. There's energy calming Pereira has a chance to creepy poem to take.

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