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So i love just the long journey and it feels like might one of my favorite things is when you wake up on a weekend i think it's usually sunday and turn on looking through the channels that's like ten am just woke up and you just tnt and you see fellowship of the ring just starting and then you scroll through the rest of the day and for like ten pm it's just all three movies and you just lay in bed all day and eat terrible food and before you know it it's once they return to the king just gone to the second act oh it's one of the great pleasures in life yet is at the beginning journey that like the optimism and then going forward it kind of you see the deterioration of sam and what the ring does frodo and sam and their relationship and what the ring does to them and just devise it's it's unreal i need to rewatch them again i need it sam he's really is the glue of the whole movie if that him there's no frodo there's no really he's not getting into more more door he really drives it he's kind of like i know you like to make the comparison from jon snow and sam wise as like sam well great tribute that he sam wise to frodo like that relationship yeah but at the end of the day it's john who's leading the charge right right and is more important to the lord of the rings story the m well tar lease as vice and fire i think it was just like a it's like a cute not yeah there's so many in the supporting characters are great that the that when the fellowship forms yet leg loss gimle got aragon and even like boy bore mir like he's such a great conflicts character they don't really in a movie they kind of they do show that but i feel like in the book it's more developed but best death scene i think topfive death scene ever which is eaten all those arrows.

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