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That's what that's what i'm tara comes with five channels when you're grandma about her tv comes with five one is just america's got talent janelle let's talk about what are what are some classic who behavior suha bobby ho classical behaviors openly schilling for brands i think is is one of them one of them is like going to events that you would think would be beneath you're a list celebrities i was something that just happened kelly guoco better can air berzins just get abramova daily go go into the bonaire panara beverage station and just had a ball oh i don't even know what a beverage stable like up hard hard table with some old piece of felt on it and then they like and they they dumpson pireaus whatever station on it la legal it was like i'm in how long do you need me to take photos i will do it did you hear the clip that it found of her tom he added again era it was like flash flash clash and she's like that's really nice to know how many calories are in the drinks that you're drinking when you drink a seller just how many calories are in it but it's good that this prickly pear all you know it has the calories around the cobbles like kiwi like pay someone to tell you but i i think like an extension of that is the at the met met galland stuff lang who the most famous celebrities get their last rag kind of do the the red carpet really briefly to go inside a who loves to be on the red carpet are aimed at the better they want to talk to everyone with the mic like absolutely right though willingness to speak to anyone with a camera or a microphone is.

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