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WNBC, Rob Kendall Abdul in for the Chicks on the Right plane, the rock show my friend anything, anything for you, My friend. And this has been been so much fun this week. We will not be in tomorrow I will be in for the morning show. And you will be with me for part of that as well. But chicks and write off tomorrow and then they'll be back on Monday. And by the way, Ah, no weekend show for me this weekend because we're running racing. Congratulations getting paid in. Working on coming up next segment, by the way, make sure you stick around. We'll have the gun guy Guy. Relford is going to be with us, and we're going to talk about what rights homeowners have in the state of Indiana. Obviously this event in Missouri in which these folks defended their their home their lives from their lawn brandishing a weapon, not not using it on anyone. But what sort of rights do you have here? Do you have the same rights that those folks did to defend yourself and your property's coming up next segment? Pick. Another big question to that will have with guy Relford is sort of the reasonable standard off the stand your ground kind of law that Indiana has. And if somebody is fleeing your house does that mean you can shoot them in the back like, um Not really. But we'll have the discussion with guy Relford. Okay, that's coming up next segment. But first of all I did. I did have a question for you because You hang around all the politicians, you know all of these. There's a black question. This's a politics question. And I have to ask you because all those people hate me so they don't invite me to things anymore. Trump and Biden had their fundraising numbers out. And to me, it is incredible. How much money both of these two race, I think Trump raised slightly over 131 million Biden racing like 141 million And to me, it is staggering the amount of money these two guys who seemingly half of the country can't stand both of them and the amount of money they bring in, and my question is because I have never I have given. I think two times in my life to political campaigns. They were below the the reporting threshold and was to a local candidate who I personally knew. Who are these people who give to these politicians and why look at the condition our countries and whatever side you're on. It's a week ago. Government's going really well right now. Who are these people that given? Why do they give all the money? Well, people give for a number of different reasons, but I worked for the government back in the The late nineties. Early two thousand's. I gave my boss my boss was the attorney general. I believe in this cause your job for his cause. I don't really I mean, I know I believed in this cause because I believe it was a good guy. They pressure or they like it like they passed like the plate around like a TTE. The church. You know some for the honorarium. How much have you contributed of duel? No, Not really. Really, You know, I mean, ah. George Ryan did, and George Ryan went to jail and former governor of Illinois to ungovernable and gel tend to go hand in hand most of time these days. You know, I work for the Illinois attorney General, I gave like 250 bucks was like for his fundraiser campaign. I have always been floored, though, that these people because what is that? These are federal candidates. So the order of 27 or $2800 for primary and in the same for the general that's a lot of money. I mean, even if you're a rich person Millionaire, whatever. Even if you're even if you're rich, that's still I would hate to lose $2700. And I know how these campaigns waste money. I've seen it firsthand. Nobody gives that amount of money and that's let's face it. If you're raising 141 $131 million that you're not getting it 20 bucks at a time, you know? No. No offense. Well, sometimes you are sometimes if you have a lot of smaller grassroots stoners. You can pull like, you know, 20 bucks here. No. 50 bucks here and it all starts adding up, And you certainly don't know what you're talking about. Real money, Which is one of things that Elizabeth Warren used to do in Bernie Sanders. Like, Hey, we got no doughnuts from a total of $50 here from Biscay. Read them. Read them on us Online Web feed. Yeah, exactly like like the of the public broadcasting give $50 he'll receive a CD and hear your name on the radio, which actually do that too. So Go figure. Yeah, but But I think the bigger thing is is is when you say like a okay who is giving money to campaign since it's easiest people who want access I mean, and that's you of those. You're bigger. You're bigger donors and you're in your big organizations. You're not buying votes because that's illegal. What you're buying is your buying access. Okay. I gave no $30,000 Rob's campaign. So when I have an issue I can call Rob and I know I'll get my eye. No. Hit my voice. Sure. I mean, I get what I want, but least I'll be her insider baseball question. Like, Let's Let's say Governor Holcomb. Does he know? Is he actually aware of who the big I mean, the big donors are like with the late Krystle Luhan gave him like $50,000. He's got to be aware of that right now. Like this is one of your big donors. The guy who owns the Motor Speedway gave $100,000 Penske. He's got to be aware of like Roger Penske's on line one. And, uh, yeah, he owns the track, but he also gave you 100 grand like I mean, he's got you have to be aware of that, right? And usually end event like a like a political fundraiser event, which has been a little difficult, tricky to do these days because of Kobe, 19 and social distancing, then the whole nine yards, I think I think what you have is of the government of event. Ah, he'll give the speech like a lot of people will know because I've given this campaign's before, But usually it would be like V. You'll have somebody there in your ear. This is Rob Kendall. He's from all around, burn, and he gave bubble, okay? I've sent some things to the governor. It wasn't money, though. But, yeah, I kind of figured that much They because they always look at brought concerts like Let's say you go to the Rolling Stones concert or whatever they have people who go to all their concerts, and they always somehow magically end up in like the fifth row, and they may not know that person's name, but they recognize him like you'll see him point at him or whatever politicians they start to, like. Recognize. These has always felt that with with Mike Pence like he would see people and I like his work. Informant center, I'd realized He doesn't know that person's name, but he recognizes their faith knows they should know their name. And so it's a little song and dance of him trying to figure out who in the world are you and why do I know you That's got to go on with politicians, and usually like that usually got a NATO.

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