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Hey guys it's your lady gang jack van occulting tonight and beckett tobin thank you so much for subscribing on itunes and thanks for supporting the great sponsors make it possible for us to have this much fun with you every single week for for room hey guys the three of us just wanted to take a quick second before this week's episode gets going and acknowledge everything that's going on in the world and most recently in las vegas our hearts are very heavy and i'm sure sewer all of yours but we wanted to send you guys just a message saying that were thinking of all of you and we love and support you we appreciate all of you um we talk about some crazy stuff for an hour that really isn't in the grand scheme of things important although entertaining so we thought it was important to to do this and just send you guys some extra loves will this welcome to the leading to the museum siddiqui waving things are vowed to change around here each week we catch up with hollywood's hottest girl posse guilty night beca tobin's jack vanik hello and welcome to the lady gang i'm beckett tobin actress blogger podcast her across from me kelty night air entertainment and i know are not bringing back i mean there are coming back to my right is jack panic of jack vannak clothing she's kinda the boss obviously is named after up the question for the day is what food are you the most embarrassed to eat in public oh like it here on a first day oh and like this is the last thing he would order uh i would not i love it like a a wing on a bone because i gotta law because you can either early dean totally not really.

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