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It's hard not to get a big hit with fans like these your your respect driving home from work pretty much every night you and I love it you're on the air great great the king of all so much better than anybody I listen to or watch you're listening to full rail on the so the raiders receiver Terrell Williams didn't practice is we did a foot injuries got plantar fasciitis as I've had is the worst it's brutal I made a tie in a pain man dell mass Lapland aphasia that's no joke the bugs are not interested in dealing O. J. Howard the tight end I gotta tell yet I wouldn't trade him either I don't understand what is the problem how do they not incorporate that big guy into their offense is beyond me he got Evans and I guy how do you not use them no wonder they suck when on a city I just how does Bruce Arians sleep at night knowing you have a guy that good and you don't throw it to what is the deal that does do they think he sucks or something maybe does no maybe thinks he does yeah because I got on the sock I had a ball the dolphins have bad dragon residual team centered around Kenyan Drake would you trade ever ham sandwich why not they've tried everybody else is there anybody untouchable nineteen no Josh Allen pops up on the injury report with a hand injury what is the status of his hand injury and will they cover the seventeen ninety practice today there's nothing wrong with them are you worried about that big giant points per I mean me personally I'm not worried about the big giant points but I don't care but I look at I just don't see the dolphins scoring many points on Sunday I'll just put it that way like you know any point same height nine betting on your team's applicable to the Yankee Stadium bad on them either I'll make a series bet on them I'll do say he is bailing bad on him gaining on individual night like tonight now I will you never bet on the bills are never never drew Brees back to working with an NFL Balinese Tom rehab very exciting news down in New Orleans as they've won every game since he's been out right seven they won every single game el Balah Jack on to Mary as time as I was truthful with them but things change I felt like I was always truthful with them but things changed their fire what I said was not the same as what it was what I had said previously it is what it is and Thomas said the pager and ship them out like he was a rookie well I did you ever see a story about a guy just doesn't matter anymore any matter buddies get and I get tension he caught a ball for the jets I guess he played like honestly is demerits Thomas done anything for the jets now was useless right so what's who cares like he feels like he was it treated like a rookie what's the difference you know play anyway dude the jets got Sam journal back online at last we had to be the cowboys now they appear to be drawing closer to getting linebacker CJ Moseley back as well in all their problems start my feeling mostly got injured we did we got our new again in the bills game and they're kicking **** that game and once he went out they'll start run and do whatever they wanted and now the defense of struggles of continued but to get it done enough they got pressure last week so for him coming against the patriots let them get that pressure again get some socks on Tom Brady and twenty seventeen when Annabel viewership and DVD climate a second consecutive year some sizes signed the sport of football was in decline that has not held through viewership increase during the twenty eighteen season as increased again this year with the average NFL game now reaching sixteen million viewers I think we talked about that this week already that they've been getting these great audiences over the last three years yet about lead the most watched non NFL primetime shows by less than two million viewers this year they gathered here and I've almost watch nine NFL primetime shows more than four million viewers bottom line is people watch football what's that I don't think they care as much about college football as they do pro football but I love watching college football on Saturdays I can't get enough of it so my weekend consists of playing basketball and watching college and pro football I don't like I mean I watch them all I watch every game so it's not like I sit there and say oh Sundays are all I care about I care about Saturday still I like those big prime time Saturday night college football games as well I really do so what's this story with Devin single Terry's handing is he good to go yeah he hasn't played since the giant game but they say he's getting better and it's full participant that I'm just looking at some of these injuries wide receiver Josh Gordon didn't practice this week earlier in the week after injuring his knee and the third is the one of the giants and we talked about CJ Moseley wide receiver marquise brown didn't practice Wednesday because of an ankle injury every missed the first game of the season in week six he's day to day going into the Seattle game AJ green it's been out since he suffered an ankle injury during the first practice of the preseason he's making progress might not be able to be back until next week Baker Mayfield nurse in a hip injury he didn't practice Tuesday or Wednesday but there's no data be ready to play October twenty seventh at the patriots when they'll get beat that'll be that and I judge about Mason rude off of the back when they come off the by for the Steelers at quarterback I'm just looking at some of these other ones called Smalley Coker knee injury that's a problem hi Kenny Mornay all data in practice Wednesday and I'm just looking for other ones here but we sent a game that night I told you about to row Williams cowboys Cooper's guide the glad Tyra tyrants met an angled Collins in NY cornerbacks Byron Jones Andy brown hammy's I mean the cowboys on all kinds of banged up going into that eagles game there again held here at corner Jaylen mills foot and Ronald Darby hammy return to practice this week and could see action against the cowboys and then Turbay's give here is to be on track for a return from the shoulder injury and start against the saints I don't get a bag or sign veteran Ryan grant with their top three receivers all sideline Adams hello Alison concussion scanned laying ankle and knee that's a problem by the way falcons Desmond true finds layering toe injury is still a concern he didn't play last week and he didn't practice Wednesday's another but problems there Alvin Kamara he's got the ankle and knee injuries he did not practice Wednesday you get the the gist of it right a defensive tackle DJ Johns Niners deal with a hammy he's questionable for Sunday that doesn't sound good Todd Gurley side contusion Malcolm brown ankle day to day ahead of the game with the falcons so there's a a run down of some of the big injuries heading into week seven of pain day Annabel action by the way former NFL lineman Justin Bannan arrested for attempted murder used to play for the bills ravens Broncos rams and lines the forty year old played twelve years in the NFL charge of suspicion of attempted first degree murder was arrested on a number of charges including first degree burglary after he the shooting of a woman the woman was shot and transferred to the hospital with non life threatening injuries and he's in jail things are not going well for him he will not be getting an XFL deal either it looks like everyone else is getting one now carver high and I got signed today by the New York team we're gonna be playing on the potter as I don't want to injure my shooting and for basketball I want to get involved in all the you know injuries that happen out in the trenches cover I was going to be tackle is very is gonna be like Richie incognito every violent up front acting as quarterback Josh down all right let's handed over and do an update and check in with Jay buyer and then sports slash we'll begin with baseball American League Championship Series game number four and the Astros breeze two one eight three victory over the Yankees Yankees committed four errors for the first time in a playoff game since nineteen seventy six so they did not play well Astros hit well George Springer and Carl's great each with a three run blast and now the Astros have a commanding three one series lead from the Yankee perspective as we said for errors a wild pitch and a passed ball here's the skipper Aaron Boone we played poorly tonight there's no no other way to explain it and we need to flush this immediately you know because you know we talked about as a team we need to get over the center hurry income put our best foot forward tomorrow and the task is slightly difficult if you will game five masters in Yankees features Justin Verlander for Houston James Paxton forty York that game is Friday night hi turning our attention now to the NFL week seven opener Thursday night football chiefs and Broncos from Denver it wasn't close James wanted thirty to six here's a big reason why my action steps up more flow to the upstairs fifty seven he said with a with the call on Westwood One if you notice Matt Moore with the touchdown pass that's because he replace Patrick my homes who suffered a patella dislocation all have an MRI and further testing on Friday to speak the Broncos thirty to six to survive in to Broncos are two and five on the ice devils beat the Rangers five two two Canadians blank the wild for nothing in a shootout lightning get by the Bruins four to three islanders three jets won in a shoot out Canucks beat the blues forty three flames five to one of the red wings in a shoot out cold nights with the senators three to tie all these five two over the predators and the Sabres blanked the.

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