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He capitalised know no in greater than in week seventeen against baltimore which at the time of the best run continued when be pension in the nfl and rex burkhead had you a breakout game and was able to uh parlay that into some free agent interest you've got some interest from uh scott you only south koreans at one point i believe it was this you either very early in the two thousand seventeen uh free agent process whereas of them sixteen i came okay was yeah he he visited them on a saturday in the patriots like a monday after that it was crazy yeah and then the patriots not come up and you know he was a guy that early in the preseason he was out there with the tom brady group uh you know with where they are in actual preseason games they were asking him to you know past protect for tom brady i know that people say that uh you know preseason doesn't matter but those things actually do matter they trust rex burkhead enough to put him you know sites out on the shotgun with tom tom brady in a situation where he's got to pick up a bliss and uh the trajectory has been pretty good he kind of struggled a little bit in that first game against that she she had complained making opportunities and he just failed to win uh particularly against eric johnson of the chiefs in coverage uh uh but then and then he suffered a rib injury but suvs come back they've worked in name more and more and more weak second your can uh he's going from eighteen percent us not to thirty one percent of the time.

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