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And then I think a know the offense is the offense, you know, you're missing Stephon Diggs who is limited up in Buffalo right now, but you have Adam thielen who's a very established Great Wide Receiver one and then you have just in Jefferson who's Jose these flashes of being really really good, but it's it's in his rookie season, you know, it's really difficult to break out as a rookie wide receiver. So I think that you know, right now it's fascinating Dalvin cook is still a very good place here Kirk Cousins is Kirk Cousins, I think like right now they're in this weird transitional kind of phase where they have some new blood in there and at the same time like they're just trying to figure out and they the big game Thing is they don't have a defense to rely upon like they have in previous years cuz sometimes they can score 16 points and win the football game. I feel like now that they don't have a defense it basically forces almost every game to be into a shootout which is a disadvantage for that offense cuz that's not how they operate. They operate really well with given Dalvin cook the ball and you know and Kirk Cousins doing things when he has to do things. But as even last year we showed you know against the Packers on Sunday Night Football if you make the game go into Kirk Cousins hands, that's not you don't have a great chance of winning the game newest. I think I have two thoughts of a Minnesota. Number one. They really wish they had Xavier Rhodes. He went to the cold. I watched them play against Nick Foles on on Sunday played really? Well. I mean, I really he knocked a bunch of passes away. Go ahead. He's fascinated with because like Packers fans used to say all the time like roads are open because like literally would destroy them. We would destroy Xavier Rhodes like very so much tape of Aaron Rodgers destroying Xavier Rudd. And I just think it's hysterical that like he goes to the Colts as having like this Resurgence and it's kind of like Eric Ebron from a few years ago, like leaving the Lions not doing anything and then making the Pro Bowl the first time he's with the Colts the Colts just take like banished NFC North players and rejuvenate their careers for like a year or two. You're not wrong. I mean, they they're happy to have them there. He's playing really well. I I also it's disappointing with Minnesota because you would believe that going into this point in Kirk Cousins contract. They'd be a Super Bowl Contender and they're not that feels like a mass of L to me. Zach you just repeat that. I'm almost there. I'm like, I'm right behind how much how much was 84 million dollars and then they gave him how much was the extension like sixty?.

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