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Because David cross was like these are there to learn. So the fuck and monster goes on Microsoft Encarta? If you don't know what that is. You're young case Basha doesn't know he's twenty two. That means we were at the very fringe of where Microsoft might have been called encyclopedia Encarta back in the encyclopedia. That's what I remember. And see I remember it called encyclopedia Encarta, and it was all the same way. But it was an online encyclopedia that was. Pedia? It was before encyclopedia disc bail updated every couple years. And then they had a free online version. But I remember the disc wants very like fourth grade fifth grade. So that's about the time when you know that would have been common to have, you know, the free online when I don't know when that was. But if that doesn't date me a bit, I don't know. What will I mean? I'm not saying I'm super old. Yeah. But that's a very specific thing like Encarta. Like what the fuck? Oh shit. And I looked it up because it was on the wicket pedia, and they had the whole article there. That's just making that ten years ago. There were still making it. Yeah. Up until two thousand nine they were making the free online encyclopedia that wasn't Wikipedia. But we all know everyone gave the three dollars. And now, that's the only one. But so you have all that together there to learn obviously, the very basic contrast of the two characters that doesn't expand further than kill the Gorgan him murder. Don't be killed and learned that's the really the only thing for these two groups of characters. All right. You're saying the individual cares about groups of characters because the other ones don't fucking matter. Yeah, they're all they're literally like the the other GI Joe characters GI Joe who's the shit. And then you have like fucking snake is who's cool. He's not GI Joe. And I don't even know the rest of them. Correct. Shipwreck Ironsides bulldozer? Eva. No, he man all those other assholes, they don't count. So now, actually though speaking of the toys themselves, though to comment on how they're actually made to getting to the mixture of the puppets. And the computer generate kind of fusion this movie does so it's a mixture of both practical puppetry and CG animation. So STAN Winston was the guy who is in charge of all of of all the puppetry aspects of it. So when you see not this part, which is computer generated when you see the actual toys. That's actually stop right there moving Archer moving like that. That's from STAN Winston, and you may know him from such films as the Terminator Jurassic Park aliens predator iron man, Edward Scissorhands. And most importantly inspector gadget. Because no, he was no. No, he was in charge of all that. So you have kind of one of the most brilliant minds in an actual puppetry making this stuff happened. So you have him and his crew, right? They're doing like test samples, right? There of them playing with toys on various different sticks. Trying to get the motions. Right. Trying to get the walking animations. Right. The talking animations. Right. So they went through a ton of tests and and protocols to try to get these toys to work from a physical standpoint when they were doing the puppetry, and then you go. Okay. Well, you've actually kind of jumped the gun a little bit. And you mentioned the CG looks really good. Well in that really good for the nineties. Let's go and just call it right there. Some of the time it looks really good. If really holds up. Yes. And that's because the computer graphics were done by industrial light and magic that's pretty much. The best of the best. Computer, generated engineer guys were making this movie to match the motions of the puppets. See right there. Little feature at actually special shout out to Andy Maga. He sent me a couple of videos. Yeah. Cluding this one of how they had to map out the toys to look just like the characters. Look, look, exactly like the toys. So they did a lot of these little tests. I saw these little feature. It's very interesting to learn about how they were very set on making the kind of synthesis of those two things come together. Because sometimes you forget actually when I was watching it. I was like oh did going from actual toys to see. Geez. CG to toys toys back and forth..

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