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It was very forceful personality but mainly i must admit rathbone was the one who comes to my mind is not true and the many people who consider the nineteen thirty nine pound of the baskervilles as the best uh a portrayal of a home uh love rathbone did in the course they went on from that to the whole of a series ira remember save john barrymore as sherlock holmes whole really can be dead one is very earlier on i knew he did one but i didn't realize it would never lila that was silent i believe i was quite at the time but as i recall he wasn't bad but then i was very young i so a gentleman just two uh wind this up uh we've covered the illustrators and we'll be back with some interesting observations in just a moment we've been talking go of william gillette the actor and for those hopes of our audience who were not familiar with we angela he was an actor who wrote uh and and got to a permission to use a writer a play and enacted into place guardian 1898 and he perform in this role until he started his farewell performance in 1929 and he matched a large sum of money as an portraying the role of homes and buildings sapa castle on the booster tonic river complete with its own railroad and he was identified in many people's minds uh with sherlock holmes as being the best personification uh that anyone could possibly come up with an doyle himself said it was an uncanny resemblance on stage uh i just wanna move onto something i wanna quote uh from uh very famous american sherlock in writer vincent starret and he has written quote.

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