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Now. Jake this mother fucking mealy. All. Is, this is the. At the second stage it's. fucking. To Church mother. Beautiful Day to be alive motherfuckers. It's Wednesday the twenty fourth. I have a guest, but I wanNA talk to you. Happy Father's Day whenever all this bucket stupidity, we didn't get a chance to talk about father's Day I hope all the dads at a good time and the kids and the whole fucking thing everything is great were back to normal We didn't dodge a bullet. There was no bullet dies. There was nothing there so. Thank you for having my back? The loyal mother fuckers you know. From Day One. I've been talking about loyalty and. You guys proved it. You guys got the message how it works. Good and bad. You gotTA stick together. If not, you have nothing, you have no reason to have friends. The people that do this type of Shit, they're the people that watched France and thought the world is fucking. Just you know so having fucked themselves beside that I'm beautiful I feel good. The flying fucking. Jew with a couple edibles yesterday I? Hope you enjoyed the livestream. You know what I'm saying. We're GONNA. Do a couple. More does wanted dead or alive. I like that I like that. Right off the bat representing them smoke Anson fucking cherry guests from urban trees. I'm just feeling good added great father's Day. I'd say quick story. And then we'll bring in Russell. Adam Timmy Holloway's dear friend of mine listener family. He sent me a Jimmy Page model. He sent me a pistol Pete One an Julius. Erving one this was this was his private stock, and he sent them to me, so I appreciate them very much, and how's he osborne? And I had them all here in the office in little by little every time my daughter comes to the fucking off. She takes one. Like all of a sudden, she's a fan of fucking Ozzy Osborne. She liked it because he had a bat. Will did she know that motherfucker had to battle? Way Right so? She took that one home then she came in another time at the fucking Julius erving home which had home anyway. She wanted to claim it. I thought it stays at the Fuckin- on this table. She was all right with it then a few weeks ago. She comes in here and she takes the. Fuckin- Jimmy Page one because he has the double neck guitar in Shit with the strap, and she went home and started listening to led Zeppelin believe it or not. I caught a watching the Siamese the same so now because she's got. Nikki whatever his name is poisoned leggy six now that's the guy from fucking whatever I'm talking about. The guy from poison that comes in. anyway, it doesn't matter while we drop a name. He left his drumsticks here. And as a souvenir, she came in and took the drumsticks, so I told John Bonham is the best fucking drama, so she fucking Hisashi takes. You watches Moby Dick the video live from the garden and she plays the drums on a bed. It's fucking classics Anyway Forget about that. A mother ask her what she wants to give me for father's Day. She goes by the statue since I took Jimmy page. How by the Statue of fucking? Robert Plant, so they WANNA line. They can firearm plant that she went to the obvious. She went to Bruce Lee because she sits there and looks at my books all day. And there was no statues of Bruce Lee, so my wife goes on what to tell you. You know pick one and she started looking up. Yeah my daughter watches law and order. Yeah, you know shit like that, but nothing thirty. The had Switzerland Law we'll watch them ray. She liked the piano playing, but this is. He stuck the Neal's on this widget. Enough to young for that Shit right now. Yeah, I am I show. The excess was five, but those situation. You got scare from time to time. You know what I'm saying. So yeah. Ray He bends over. And? He grabs a little black boys. Hand is brother when he was dead as she fucking jumped so right there. You gotta be careful. Switch this. So. I'm never watched nothing bad with her. And if something comes on the like I make a go inside her room when I watched John on Hbo on Saturday Sunday Nights What's his name John Alouette. because. He fucking curses more than I do that fucking Englishman I love. A So. I. Try to just be clean with you. Know whatever I don't try to curse around the. I asked her. If people say bad words around there in school, kids her age. She says sometimes you know same shit over and over again. But here's the Clinton so Sunday. We get back from doing a podcast. We podcast about science. And she gives me a box. He Goes Dad my fuck in your Mesh number fucking Yoga present came opened up. My wife looks at me. You want me to day. What fucking statue! She got me. By ma'am smoking a number. You know what I'm saying. It's fucking Wednesday morning. You GotTa do what you gotTa do it's Hump Day for some it slinging Dick Day for others, and you know who you others off so. She gave me a fuck and statue of Tony Montana sitting there. There's no coconut knows. Thank God because then I would've known once. She gave me the scarface down like. I looked at my wife. She goes. She picked. She picked it herself. She says that she liked the way he was sitting down. So I. Don't know what the guys maybe I'm doing the wrong job here I don't know what the fuck never talked to..

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