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I'm Lance lucky in New York. Also this hour residents of Kyiv are marking the anniversary of Ukrainian independence, even as the country remains at war with Russia. Plus early voting has ended in New York in primaries for congressional and state Senate seats, we'll hear from early voters, and if you didn't make it out, you'll just have to vote on primary day Tuesday. Our news headlines are coming up. Live from NPR news, I'm Janine herbst. Another U.S. lawmaker is in Taiwan this time, it's the governor of Indiana. Eric holcomb arrived in Taipei today as part of a string of high profile U.S. government visits to the self governed island, and piers Emily fang has more. Holcomb says he will meet with Taiwan's president tying win then head to South Korea for more meetings. Holcomb's visit follows House speaker Nancy Pelosi's tour earlier this month followed by a second congressional delegation last week. China has been infuriated by these closer U.S. Taiwan ties and is mounted sporadic military drills around the island. China's ambassador to the U.S. called these visits a quote political provocation. And pyrrhus Emily fang reporting. Ukrainians are gearing up to mark not only 6 months since Russia launched its full scale invasion of the country, but also 31 years of independence from the Soviet Union. Both occasions fall on Wednesday this week. From Kyiv NPR's Julian hadar reports, Ukraine's government is marking the dual events in a unique way. At first glance, the carnival atmosphere in central Kyiv, hundreds of miles from the front lines of fighting would not seem out of place on a sunny weekend. Thousands of pedestrians stroll on the main boulevard, some sipping lattes or licking ice cream. What stands out is the Ukrainian

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