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With real -Tario radio and he has a podcast the world of disability Terry. Why don't you jump in and tell people about yourself and how you got involved in what you're doing? Okay. So I'm about fifty two years look at stop with begin I live in Wales. On Many people in the US seem to think Wales doesn't exist because in wearing glitch according to senator people just want put it out at no English. You wouldn't call someone who California said from new goal would give. On where actually a different country. So different states but this put out the real Tarot was saw it by friends an offering of us have a different of. My Disabilities Disabilities. Another friend of mine whose name is also Terry. I'm he is blind. Any has Lawrence mom. I'm not even going to try and say the whole thing it's called bb. And another friend of ours who has since last real TALARICO. But still the one, the founders Lee. Is. Witch. and. It was. Will Disability was actually these ideal. and. Because he's back dive. Taken on the bulk the responsibility. Shall we say I'm Lee was a the quality trainer. And very good at it. But he wanted to go into other stuff. So. It was to me. And the whole thing of real terrier was that it was set up in time in two thousand. Twelve two years after the UK government's at decided to make a lot of cuts to this Bill De Budgets to. Just budgets in general. And we wanted to create something that people from home. So people who were facing these cuts to disabled people. Says was a company called Rent Paulie and Veg was to help. People with. SA- via All even people in wheelchairs actually go out and get a job all. In a good adult training centers so they can spend time away from this relief today to allow the family to be able to. I don't know what would you say to have some wrecks? You know to go out on, would go to do something any or. They may cuss to these kinds of budgets so we were thinking. We'd like to do something and then jumped to the twenty th century. How can you do this? While if you have no money all end the best way was infants we hit online radio for it. And that was fun. But it was then time like you said, cre- business we need to change it up a bit we needed to keep. Sue We moved from among Aston about two, thousand eighteen. And that's why we've been the wilder disabilities podcast is new. England episode free. That could be recorded in the morning. So. Yet, tomorrow's exa free beat a seat. On the WHO The with is it's meant to use community. So yet, it's brought to you by real target of a main brand. Shall we say everything is because? We'd like you to listen to or put it together. Because they will actually go together. They gave a lovely but there were different topics and it formed as one show if that makes sense to the your. Yeah. I retain everything to do with. Grow Casting. So I'm in charge of up the of Atari, is in charge of everything to do with the written. So anything to do with media, own lifeboats do a lot of naive. W. E. UPDATES football faithful. So you hold it soccer. Rugby. And stuff like this. This is to normally it goes hand in hand with broadcasts stocks so people would check out our website. See you know on our website and add full. Or Own ads because we don't believe in actually money from this real Tarot is a project between free friends. It would always be object between pre fronts even though if the friends go into Ben's we all seem to come back. During Real Tarot of me, the other Tarry when university angle decrease. my friend. Terry. WHO's lying is a computer scientist. And he studied compete signs I went out and studied logistics. Now I'm studying my second degree so. Two of the stuff that you can do in life what was good we came up with the mantra making the world a solar place from the intimate. Yeah. With Corona virus. Right. Now in the world, what best slogan is Is. Locked. In, meet say ground MOM HO. You know for the fear of even Z's. Or the virus. So what Beth slogan as a today, the making word for incident who would vote in two thousand twelve about one am in the morning Friday, the city Van Rory. When we were coming up with ideas to all my radio, we would actually have. been we all today. With? Corona virus with. PODCASTS I know. Myself I didn't see this. Happen So. Yes. Then jump back to the woods disability. We want to give the sabre people regardless but not only to see people that era's. Therapy talked to people with disability and sometimes they don't. They're unable to talk to people we wanted to give information people. So every Wednesday. And it's been stopped for the time being as we did stop. Around about the time, the UK start into lockdown. From doing a lot of stuff so we could read. And I we could. Stay healthy people with mole you know with the If. You have a disability and you're stuck in the house. So even if you're an old person and you stuck in the House all day and you go out, you've know this. Is a very big. It. Plays on your mental health as well and that.

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