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Check them out affects. Yeah this doesn't look different than tai-bo remember tai-bo yeah. He was doing that. It was a little different in ventura boulevard little different. This looks like cyber moose. It does look like it. He looks good. He's in good shape though. Whatever he's doing is working for him. It's under the bridge 'cause you that's the next. La health craze is under the bridge fitness with this guy. Like i bet you if you just started doing that and like warriors joined to people like forrest gump before. I know it sounds a sign a waiver though for under the bridge workouts. They're like you. You're working out with us at your own risk if you get robbed beaten stabbed eld. That's the whole fun. That's the thing that's going to motivate you to lose weight and get in shape. You gotta run away on me. You're under the bridge the bridge and then this guys. I found boom. Everyone's like scared. He's like and i'm gonna fucking way you every week to if your fucking fat fucked push you in the traffic. It's great this would motivate me. You ever like walked. Well you have. If you walked on ventura north you know under an overpass. it's scary. It's always had wild shit underneath it just in the last year when the homeless situation got real crazy. Here it's all you've always walked away to speed up and you're like oh since i was a little girl and i go under an underpass like this. It's always went like there would be an outline of the dead body. The someone someone gets shot under the bridge or you get flashed. I've been flashed under a bridge No good things happen. Always seems like this place where you'd go to drugs absolutely great place to do specifically heroin. You were looking to shoot up somewhere under a bridge is a great well. It's a nice place because you can a song under the bridge by the we're actually peppers doing hair. La heroines time. theft field. dune have lou partner list. Really old alone is the city and range. Lowly has asked damned won't fees lack come on doing heroin place. I love these guys. This is such an la but the good thing about under the bridge is like you can keep your mattress. They're like it's it's plenty of specifying because one thing when you do heroin yours went. Take a nap. And it's cool to one place under a bridge and you can do. Both you can do drugs and no one sees you and you can rest. And if you're really thoughtful you can put a or next year mattress and the whole bedroom setup bedroom under the bridge now anything about it. I think you're gonna keita's impression is so insulting. The he has got a less. Because i've listened that song so many times that he has a little list i hear. Yeah yeah he does he goes. Yeah i don't ever want to be in the beginning thumb times fee you. He's got the lip it's fine. It's it's look. It's what makes the chili peppers unique. They're amazing ban. There are very distinctly an la thing them. Jane's addiction. They're fucking rod eleven we. Maybe we're leaving money on the table here. Hear me out. i'm hearing you. What if we started a hotel for people to do heroin in. It's like a nicer environment. Yes they don't have to go under the bridge. Sure they don't really do this in like norway amsterdam. I bet the toilet you here. But they don't charge enough to make it a good business model. Oh you want to chart. But here's the thing. The four seasons always broke. They're not going to be well. Then you got the actors who are not. Philip seymour hoffman. Would they just go to the four seasons. They're not going to be like. Is there a heroin fucking hotel. There might be but but thinking about it what about a hotel specifically catering to all your heroin needs. They provide spoons. Lighters tie off road. Those aren't hard to find. It's not like they're like. I can't find a spoon you know but a clean one and a clean needle true. It's hard to find people aids the people that are like really struggling to find a clean spoon. They're not very high on resource. Hear what you're saying. But just feel like this shark tank. And i'm like i'm not gonna. What is i provided a hotel just for you do illegal drugs in at a very leisurely experience. A nice high end service like when you're super high on pot and it's two am and you're like fuck. I wish i had a brownie smoothie with peanut butter ice cap peanut butter. An ice cream in it. Ding-dong you just you call down to room service. And they have a stone or menu are maybe it's an allah. Carl you just tell them what you want and they bring it up. You wouldn't pay top dollar for that. Sure the stone or hotel. The now you're telling her how donors way better market than heroin. Mark donors will spend money stone. Her hotel and lot of people a lot of people pots legal and a lot of places. It's a great idea. That's a great idea. Oh go so broke on his hair meal. Listen you sometimes you gotta. She was passed out mouth of what happened. These are our customers. Sold any food this week. Beating here was just taken suppositories dirty match. Come on but i would want to provide a safe place for them to do heroin. So that thoughtful. All right.

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