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Everybody say you fit. Me, said Toco. The phone always fool. Ain't nothing new now. Now he crazy. I know what you're taking wrapping. I know what you're drinking. Rap singer Chamberlain Hal, the next chick soon. You play. About this. Sad closed. Just. Speaking stupi spo-. And you thought he was cute before look at this peak hotel me. He's broke. Still. Mike, mike. And a no way they would all that ruby. Point seven kiss. FM L A's hit music station. Wait. What? Did you give yourself that name? Or did your mom? Backwoods your mom from the name you gauge. If back. Hey, man. You know what I got more compliment? No. It's a great name. It's good. Good good. Good. But farmers insurance, we know a roof can.

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