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We all swore an oath to uphold the constitution even when it's difficult even when it's unpopular so it's important that we try to make sure that the American public fully understand what's happening but I don't think we should put our finger in the wind and determine whether or not we're going to uphold the oath that we swore to the constitution that's Michigan democratic congressman Dan Kildee two political supporters of energy secretary Rick Perry secured a potentially lucrative oil and gas exploration deal from the Ukrainian government soon after Perry proposed one of them then as an adviser to the country's new president Perry's efforts to influence Ukraine's energy policy and contracts came earlier this year just as president Dylan skis new government was seeking military aid and president trump and his allies were ramping up efforts to get the Ukrainians to investigate Joe Biden the crane awarded the contract to Perry supporters little more than a month after Perry attended salen skis may inauguration in a meeting during that trip he handed the new president a list of people he recommended as energy advisors one of the four names was his long time political backer and campaign contributor Michael Bly Sir a week later place during his partner Alex Granberg submitted a bid to drill for oil and gas at a sprawling government controlled site they offered millions of dollars less to the Ukrainian government that they're only competitor for the drilling rights but their newly created joint venture was awarded the fifty year long contract a government appointed commission justified the selection by determining they had greater technical expertise and stronger financial backing of the nine at gas deals awarded on July first Bly's urine Kranenburg speed was the only one of the winners that did not include the participation of the Ukrainian company he likely had outside influence in Ukraine testimony in the impeachment inquiry shows the energy secretary was one of three key U. S. officials who were negotiating the terms of a meeting someone skied very much wanted to have with trump former US ambassador to the U. wind Nikki Haley alleges and her upcoming memoir that two top administration officials tried to win Lister in opposing some of president trump's policies feature story news is Hary Horton reports Nikki Haley resigned as you and ambassador last year but remains on good terms with president trump in her book she writes that two senior trump officials John Kelly and rex Tennyson confided in me that when they resisted the president's they weren't being insubordinate they were trying to save the country the book offers mild criticism of president trump but Haley makes clay she supports most of his foreign policy decisions Nikki Haley is widely thought to be considering a presidential debate as a Republican candidates in twenty twenty four Hilson Washington.

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