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In tomorrow night catch the kickoff to week nine San Francisco at Arizona like in that Game Kevin Coleman might be the only healthy running back the forty niners bring that's what happens when you're in for nine hundred yard somebody's GonNa get hurt you know but magic good man using Kevin Coleman scored four touchdowns three on the ground one in the air ran for one hundred yards and he's the healthy one he's the healthy one coming in so hey big news out of New England okay this one you could see you could see the handwriting on the wall like it was read Tom and the Overlook Hotel when Mike nugent you feel goal and Bella check was Kinda done with them on the spot like he added blocked any missed anybody see if he was on the field towards the end of the game or did did Bella checked your say your out like 'cause you know dion and you will love ballot check and vice versa Deanza guy that he would cut people before they got back to the sideline. I'm wondering if you did that with nugent I even said to you on Monday that he should look into real estate maybe he should be the one to help Brady sell his house for the Zillow of smoke that's going in New England well guess who got released by the Patriots Mike nugent yesterday and just use to just add fuel to the long standing fire that is the New York jets New England patriots rivalry in the number of guys that go back and forth ballot check and Curtis Martin obviously tie a scene ty law's one of those guys right Durell Rivas I mean we could go on and on and on and on autograph add the name to that list of nick folk nick folk everybody nick folk who who've the jets had for many successful seasons I think nick wasn't nick the ground and pound era kicker wasn't either one let me check for a Torius New York jet team in Foxborough and the fame and Scott playoff game yet by the way and this is my point ought to two thousand ten and this is my point as to why the ghosts stuff will only go away if darnold Windsor Lombardi trophy because we all talk about the butt fumble with Mark Sanchez who is the winning quarterback in Foxborough that day Tom Brady no when the on the butt fumble no who are the playoff game mark Sanchez Mark Sanchez beat the Patriots and eliminated them. end the number of playoff losses the patriots have suffered in Foxborough in the Brady ballot check era amazingly the quarterbacks inches beat Brady and ballot check in Foxborough in January but no what are we talk about what Sanchez in Green that's what I'm telling you the only way to get rid of the ghosts in the mono and toenail and the only way to get rid of the but Kumble for Sanchez would have been a win at all never did here's some information I think you'll also find interesting Chris when he got I love telling you stuff that you might have already seen but did have you seen but I would love to break this news to you okay I got this email from the NFL network the news desk or have you you know how there's a a game that the NFL Players Association has put together gather for players that are going from college to the pros that are not seniors senior bowl going to do that but underclassmen if if you will that don't have the ability to show off for scouts okay they're gonNA they're gonna go pro and they don't have the east West Shrine ability and they don't have the senior bowl ability it's called the NFL PA collegiate bowl is this no no we've done it on the last couple of years ago I see the NFL network is in fact yared we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA we're GonNa air it so Mike you might want to scratch off the date January eighteenth twenty twenty and by the way have you ever done game at the Rose Bowl yes the women's world when they won the soccer okay it's called the World Cup doesn't matter what you do but it's not as big as Big Fox Fox hole that business it's television Mike No I know you worked at the Rose Bowl game at the Rose Bowl as you know I have a very soft spot for amazing venue if you've never seen a game with haven't been asked to call it yet I don't know if the planet makes it you could call it association might not ask me after the signal the head coaches have been named Jesus the head coaches are named have not seen that act in this used to play this game Marvin Lewis no and Hugh Jackson have many years of experience that is a fact they have coached a long time but Marvin Lewis and Hugh Jackson are going to be coaching this game they were available I love Marvin I don't know Nfl Pa Collegiate Bowl Rose King will be Michael Silver can wear a sash he can wear sash come on you want to do it go awesome and and and Marvin Lewis Robert Louis winless in the postseason he won what one game in three years you're you know what it's interesting I'm reading from the press release I did not know did you know that Marvin Lewis was a standout at Idaho state as a player now by your patriots though three weeks the two thousand ravens had many metrics better metrics than the eighty five bears in your patriots are better than that our poll question is it currently stands right here on the rich Eisen show game seven tonight as we first reported earlier today nationals Astros who wins guys fifty nine aw happy guy go we call today and see how easy homeowners and renters insurance can be.

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