Donald Trump, Cadillac, Hudson River discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


A chauffeur's silver Cadillac with his initials d. j. t. on the plates, he dates slinky fashion models belongs to the most elegant clubs and it only thirty years of age estimates that he is worth more than two hundred million dollars. So began November one thousand nine hundred seventy six article in the times. One of the first major profiles of Donald Trump and a cornerstone of decades of myth making about his wealth. How could he claim to be worth more than two hundred million dollars when he would divulge later to casino regulators that his taxable income that year in nineteen seventy six was actually twenty four thousand five hundred ninety four dollars for the whole year. But the times in nineteen Seventy-six parentally bought it hook, line and sinker. And then they turned around and sold it to the public quote in the chauffeured Cadillac. Donald Trump took the times as reporter on a tour of what he called his quote jobs. He told her about the Manhattan hotel. He planned to convert into a Grand Hyatt, his father guaranteed the construction loan. He told her the Hudson river real. He took her to the Hudson river railroad yards that he planned to develop the rights were purchased by his father's company. He showed the reporter, quote, our philanthropic endeavor. The high rise for the elderly in east orange, New Jersey that too was bankrolled by his father. Also an apartment complex on Staten Island which was owned by his father, what he called their quote, flagship Trump village in Brooklyn. That too was owned by his father and finally beach haven apartments, which were also owned by his father, quote, even the Cadillac was leased by his father. But he didn't talk about his father's ownership of any of those things. He passed it all office, his own. And then he boasted to the times and they do to fully printed quote so far. I've never made a bad deal. As the times concludes today. Now, knowing that everything he was passing off as his own was actually owned by his dad. The time concludes today quote, it was a spectacular con. And they've got all this detailed reporting that just makes the story at worse and worse and worse quote weeks after the times this profile ran Fred Trump set up still more trust for his children's seating. Each with the days of quivalent of four point, three million dollars. Even the early eighties when Trump was already proclaiming himself to be one of America's richest men. He was still on his father's payroll,.

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