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Need PG rated TV that has no crucifix in say the bad guy in this TV show is Capitalists put. not to get. All greasy. Go straight to our member. Mid relax. Wait. Here's the thing. That was in this John Cobb piece, which is that apple comma, and I'm paraphrasing the first American Corporation to have one trillion dollars in market value has had has had flat growth like, oh, I'm sorry. King of all monsters, you need to have two trillion dollar like that. I'm just saying it's cool that you make the phone that everyone in the world hat now. I can't stop thinking of Godzilla wearing a black turtleneck being like it has to say a low. Mazing? Extremely Elizabeth theranos voice. It is a weird moment. But actually we're talking about apple now, and maybe that are gonna make great TV in maybe not. But also, we are in this moment as we keep pointing out on the podcast that things are very much influx. And these companies that have seemed to be able to do no wrong or lease grow. Without pause are all caught out a little bit. Yeah. And not knowing it is thing not to get a Warren Buffett about it. But I do think showing a lack of confidence does have an effect on. It does anything that trickles down. I think eventually even does reach the consumer. And that is actually a segue. I would like to make to captain marvel. But you said you had a segue. No, I have. No, that's exactly the segway. I was gonna use. But I or from our sponsors. Bell is. Today's episode of the botches brought to you by Microsoft surface. The new Microsoft surface pro six can help you get things done. Whether.

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