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And those clever folks in LA last night. You know what they were doing? What's that? They were chanting future Dodger at Juan Soto. They would like to have one so there. That was echoing all around Chavez ravine. But Juan Soto very much still wearing a national uniform delivered a two run triple. It was part of a four run 5th inning for the nationals, and you know what else happened last night. One and two, Harvey's pitch. Check swing and a ball outside the appeal strike three says Chris Conroy at first and hunter Harvey strikes out bets to end the inning. It's all good work by hunter Harvey, the nationals bullpen success continues. Hey, Dave jagler called that after the big 5th inning 5 relievers 5 shutout innings nationals four one win, Andres Machado gets the victory polo. He pitched badly, just only four innings did not get to win last night. In Baltimore, Ryan mount castle tie breaking two run single. They had a four run 5th inning. Orioles 5 one win over the raves and 6 Orioles, 6 shut out innings. Hey, you're going to be keeping an eye on this series of subway series. The Yankees and mets begin a series tonight at Citi Field now, the Yankees right now, 12 and a half games up on first place, but the mets, their division lead is only down to two games above the braves. With visions of a winning season, hopefully dancing in their heads, commanders rookies and veterans reporting to team training facility in aspirin today head coach Ron Rivera will speak later this afternoon. The big questions this summer. This Carson Wednesday answered quarterback and will the defense bounce back from that down to your last season. Hey, to keep the bears by the Lake, Chicago is talking about a domed Soju field. The price tag between 900,000,002.2 $1 billion, that's a big swing in price. The bears have bought property in suburban Arlington Heights. We'll see. Dave Johnson. You TLP sports

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