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Daily show but i you know i would say businesses would sue to all right all right utah jazz ain't gonna have that shit angle have what he means like beer sales at the state at the arena but these are all reasons that it wouldn't work in you know in this society legally act don't see any challenge like if they made it illegal i don't see how anybody could challenge that i don't know what they challenge it under maybe we have a lawyer other listening who could tell us maybe a way to do that on the last episode that would discuss mormons it was episode six the podcast it was it was consigned my it was with our friend lauren murphy it was lauren murphy and mormons playing basketball boy was his name of the episode and we posited the we posited the theory that because they can't drink or have coffee that that's why such good fucking athlete it's been my theory ever since that day that story came from is that why they're not bald bald mormons mormon i've seen some fats the thing they're all are you did say that are there for me but the inquisitive look and you're outta town no noball sensu fans no ball they're usually you know breaking news you stay away from drugs of every variety and yes sugar in your body does all right but lord what calls show what what cost to the hit down don't head.

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