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Ninety five percent of the american people will agree with everything he just said. Ninety five percent of the press covering this white house will disagree and for an american president to finally be completely aligned with such an overwhelming majority of what the american people think about. Afghanistan is probably a tremendous relief to the american people. Nutjob first of all ninety. Five percent of people don't agree on anything but you could say the majority wants out of afghanistan. No question vast majority ninety five percent of the press corps will disagree which ones nicole walls you. Sit there and watch this every day. Yameichi philip bump maggie haberman. Who is the washington post new york times. Abc en what are you talking about you. She is just pathetic. I mean she has. She's lost all credibility. I told you yesterday was gonna watch. Cnn and msnbc. I didn't i saw some highlights. I didn't i really should just for a laugh. But unfortunately it's going to become impossible if the british guy at the un is correct and a human rights crisis in their hostages in their killings and their you know girls being forced to marry. You know old men when they're eight years old which we saw all those horror stories twenty years ago and by the way. I'm much more skeptical of this stuff. Now and a day. Why the or in iraq. I don't know if you remember the build up to the war in iraq but it was one horror story after another about the saddam hussein's sons putting people in meat. Grinders and in a raping little. And you're saying design. It's almost like a game speech from football coach. Just trying to get. People pissed off and riled up. And i look back and i think it was one huge mistake and the wmd's was only part of it. That was an intelligence failure. But there was a real pr push to convince you that these people were savages and they were abusing innocent people. And you're sending out. Let's go get them. And then you end up losing thousands of americans and you look back and now there are a an ally of iran alvarenga saying wait a second. Why did we go in. Oh that's right. Saddam hussein's to evil sons. Were you know raping girls and killing people and for that we lost thousands of american lives. I'm not gonna fold again if they start giving us horror stories saying oh we gotta go in there again. can't they. Did to these little girls look what they did. Stone this woman to death for you know for showing her face. i don't care. Sorry that's their problem. That's not a problem. We can't go in again. We can't escalate what's more likely. They'll be an international cry for for relief effort and then billions of dollars will be spent their which will probably go into the hands of the taliban leader site or you sending a un peacekeeping force which is always good because they'll do the raping for the taliban tele mccain all the fun we'll send those un peacekeepers those those degenerates scum than and they'll fix fix everything. We'll we'll we'll be back to this back. Agnes back on this tomorrow and the next day and the next day at ain't going away but i did want to mention a couple of things I'm not gonna tempt you. Tim tebow did his best. He tried he. He made a block. It wasn't a pretty block but he made the block and then everyone in the media..

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