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And for mayor, as you're humble host onto the OCHO, it is a Wednesday August nineteenth two thousand twenty. Hope all is well wherever you are. We hope you're happy safe healthy and that if you never have you have sweet potato fries because I've seen a lot of those lately and goodness gracious I, got to the sweet potato fries game late and. Let's just say I'm glad to have arrived. It is our episode for Humpty. So happy, Hump Day to you. However, we are dropping this earlier going to drop this about. On, about probably about five o'clock maybe five thirty PM central time on Tuesday afternoon. because. We have some breaking news and. Breaking news certainly not as optimistic as the cowboy signing Everson Griffen however. It is breaking news nonetheless that cowboys on Tuesday afternoon, it was reported. That they have released defensive tackle Gerald McCoy and there's a lot to this store. There's a lot to understand and we're GONNA talk about here in detail. But if you are the type of person that. Likes to read. Dinh's wants to understand, etc. You can head on over to blog on the boys dot com. We've written an article for you and you can kind of check out all the details there for yourselves but. I think to begin we kind of have to start at the beginning and the beginning of this whole process specifically. Obviously, we know the Joe McCoy signed with the cowboys in free agency back in March. He was there first free agent signing he was literally the first free agent signing the Michael McCarthy era. Let's fast forward to Monday to Monday of this week, the cowboys held their first petted practice of the season on Monday the first petted practice in the Mike McCarthy era in before practices over it was reported by Ian Rapoport that Gem McCoy went down with a leg injury. Then there was a report that the cowboys feared that he had torn his ACL finally it was reported and then confirmed that Joe McCoy suffered a ruptured right quad tendon and would, in fact, will miss the two. Thousand Twenty NFL season Tony Casillas, and a fellow Oklahoma sooner defensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys and I talked about this on Tuesdays episode of the 750 up. You do want to go back and listen to it. Remember to subscribe to the blog on the boys podcast get episodes every single day it is football season. We have all sorts of things to talk about as evidenced by the current moment but so okay. So Jeremy McCoy, we find out Monday afternoon has ruptured right quad tendon. He's going to miss the season Monday people are so sad understandably. So we talked about that devastating loss big time loss for the cowboys day afternoon via espn's Ed Water Joe. McCoy releases a statement where he talks about how he's going to keep his head up how what he's dealing with is minimal compared to things happening around the country and around the world and he talked about jail McCoy did in his statement that ESPN's Edward are released on Monday Jerrell McCoy talked about how he was planning. On mentor the younger players on the cowboys we've talked so much about how big of an impact that was going to be for this team on Tuesday morning my McCarthy met with the media for the first time since Joe McCoy went down with injury. Obviously, he was asked about this etc and Mike McCarthy corroborated that idea Mike. McCarthy. said that he was hopeful that he had spoken to Joe McCoy about that and that the plan was for Joe McCoy to be around mentoring the younger players this. Is You can imagine if you somehow missed this yourself, this was music to cowboys fans years people were very excited about the idea of Joe McCoy kind of you know Roman the sidelines coach and players up working with guys like Neville Gallimore Tristan Hill players, that Mike McCarthy also spoke about in his Tuesday morning press conference. kind of I know I equated it myself to what we saw from. Travis Frederick two years ago. So. That was where things stood Monday morning a little bit later Monday kind of mid morning ish not even really mid morning Joe McCoy posted a video on instagram of himself. Getting Ready for surgery to take care of this ruptured right quad tendon and individual. He talked about how he was still smiling he. told his family and friends that he loved them that he appreciated their wealth thoughts he told his coaches and his teammates he said, IAGO? To, win. He told the fans stay tuned. It was a very. Very warm video message I very reflective of the personality we have come to know from Joe McCoy if you have followed the NFL since his career began ten years ago in two thousand and ten that was where things stood and I think by lunchtime on Tuesday just about every Dallas cowboys fan had made their peace with the fact that this really sucked. But the future was certainly helpful with regards to Joe McCoy in terms of his involvement with the team, this season and in terms of his presence on the team in the future, all of a sudden on Tuesday afternoon bombshell drops that the Dallas cowboys have released Joe McCoy and that brings us to here. So what happened here? Why did the cowboys release Joe McCoy I don't understand etcetera. The cowboys have released Joe McCoy per a lot of NFL insiders. They've released him via an injury waiver. Now according to ESPN according to NFL network according to the Dallas Morning News. The, Dallas cowboys were aware of this potential medical issue when they signed Gerald. McCoy and as a result, they factored this in his contract, a particular paragraph of his contract. In fact, NFL networks Mike, Fellow a follow twitter at excuse me. That notes the cowboys are off the hook for the two point five million dollars in base salary. Guarantees this season because of this. So. This is really an accounting move for the cowboys if you WANNA look at it. That way if you WANNA put it in terms of numbers. Joe McCoy gets to keep his three million dollars signing bonus for this year. But the cowboys are indeed off the hook for the rest of his money. According to douse covers, dot com eaten in the cowboys maintained an interest in re signing. Joe. McCoy next year in two thousand and twenty one. And so. I. Think you have to think about everything here and I think the first thing is that in this goes without saying the NFL is obviously a business right business first business always usually this was a business move for the Dallas cowboys to save money on their salary cap and you know if you're looking at an vacuum, you can certainly say, well, you know there are already questions about the salary cap, etc. Giving financial comment of our world The Dallas cowboys have every right to conduct their business. In the way they see fit that is certainly one line of thought here the other line of thought or one other line of thought is that. This doesn't look great. That this doesn't look super warm and cuddly. You know you hear all the time when people are arguing about why a player should or shouldn't take this deal he should take a team friendly deal, etc. this sort of serves as proof as to how NFL teams can find a lot of ways to do what they want because they truly hold all.

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