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To sleep number dot com. 6 48 traffic and weather on the eighth. Jack Taylor's in the traffic centers were trying to get back to normal here, attempting in Maryland topside of the Beltway out of getting a little bit heavier. Now New Hampshire toward Georgia. With the delay building as you head toward 3 55. Nothing reported yet. To 70 south was slow in her banner headed south of 80. There was a crash and everything was off to the right side of the roadway. Tow truck had been on scene unclear if they'd grab that right lane. But there's no delay beyond it at a Clarksburg all the way down toward the lane Divide. We're still good and quiet between the Beltway's on 95 in the B W Parkway. Our closures continue to slowly lift downtown. The good news is all your bridges, the 14th the memorial, the Roosevelt, the Souza 11th Douglas all reopened. Again, you're driving into what is the continued cleanup from the inauguration with all those other closures. Watch out for other incidents happening all in Northwest right now, you'll find Georgia Avenue South bound your Kennedy Street. A crash row house. Fire closes Eighth Street between Barnum and Upshur Streets in Northwest and one ran out of gas in the district, running north and the third Street tunnel near Massachusetts Avenue. It was along the right side of the roadway. I believe both your broken down vehicles in Virginia out of the road. Both were north on 3 95 after Duke Street. One was in the express, the other in the main line. Hopefully again everything shoulder. There was a trouble spot and aspirin Village Boulevard, a glass to parkway in the intersection. Flashing traffic signals. The Berlin Turnpike south near Route nine. There was a deer hip. The accident activity may have only a single lane getting by partially blocking up that lane. Hopefully, authorities are on scene. Maybe doing some directing. Give it about 10. More minutes, Leesburg. Scheduled utility work closes West Market Street between Loudon and King Streets again They should be out of there. Hopefully within the next five or 10 minutes Now the reminder on Metro this morning you will find no service to the 13 stations. Inside the security perimeter. Trains are running, but until tomorrow morning, you have no access to fair. Get North Judiciary Square Union Station Archives. Arlington Cemetery. Fair, Good West. McPherson Square, Federal Center, Southwest Capital, South Smithsonian, Federal Triangle Metro Center and Gallery Place. All of these stations reporting they will reopen on Friday morning. Trains continue to run. They will just not stop at these stations. Jack Taylor w T o p. Traffic. All right, let's check here with Matt. Rated for our forecast. Get a set up for today, Matt. A general, we got the real cold start to the day today with those clear skies we had late last night very early this morning. There was.

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