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Abbas center I'm Jeff Jensen with the supply house dot com fan highway patrol trouble in the Bronx this report is sponsored by DuckDuckGo privacy is crashing the sap and dig into his thirty third street all lanes are closed cars can try the Bronx river parkway instead north Penn twenty one flaunted Chester Avenue north that's police activity subways that two in five now running in the Bronx between west farms square in the St one Avenue that's because a loss of power and we've got the suspension on the Raritan valley line of NJ transit's shut down both ways between Raritan and Bamberg because of somebody was struck by a train near Bridgwater fed up with companies selling your data doctor goes on if they help millions of people like you take back their privacy online with one download you can search and browse privately avoiding trackers all for free DuckDuckGo privacy simplified I'm Jeff Jensen with the supplyhouse dot com fan highway patrol let's get back to the phone calls at eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six Chris more here till ten o'clock eastern so you got plenty of time to get in like the Caroline Larry Brooks later Steve from Brooklyn right now all the fan hi Steve Hey Chris Hagel back thanks what's up just want to say quick it when they finally do open the lock the stadiums and fans are allowed to go in yes you just give me a minute because what the routine of the debate on okay let's make sure I got my gloves my Michigan my mask let me make sure I get there early enough just in case there's all the regular security let me make sure I'm not sitting too close to somebody right and then also the dorms upon me and I say wait I don't have to do that this isn't a supermarket decision at the end of the this isn't getting like medication I'm just gonna stay home and watch the game it's a legitimate fear you're a hundred percent correct it's a legitimate fear and no one knows how many people Paul is talking to me during the break about I think is listen to the sermons podcasts and they were saying you basically they were saying that if Alabama LSU played a football game this coming Saturday that the place would be as packed as they would allow it to be in other words they have no trouble selling tickets and whatever their rules were they'd sell out there let everybody in there the other thousand people if they only let have to be fifty of thirty only let a corner there be twenty five point is attitudes are different all over the country they are very personal and they are allowed to be very personal you know they're allowed to be very personal this vilifying the other side in the subject were we really don't know what the hell we're talking about is to me ridiculous disagreeing is fine like I I just heard a lot of people a lot of things and they disagree with me and it's all good I don't hold them personally against it no somebody's listening to music right now it's not a listener of the show god bless you it's all good man I'd I'd you know it's all good it's all good but to we spend way too much time acting as if we know regardless of what the subject is but in this case it's potentially dangerous I don't know those dangers because I'm not sure about the disease either or the virus either but it's potentially dangerous to spout about things you don't know in a situation like this that read that revolves around people's health so that question is a big a big question for everybody you open a restaurant who's going you open a movie theater who's going you start running tours again of the Vatican who's going you know I mean I can't answer that but clearly it seems anyway that the south is more cavalier about what might or might not happen and and their attitude toward it on a general basis obviously not a specific basis because there are plenty of exceptions seems to be much more tolerant of whatever happens happens in the bigger cities that is clearly not the case and and so it goes right I mean and so it goes that's the way the world works mark in Hackensack hi mark well yes hello I am about two point one I agree with you when you said people are are great the PRD bill could mean I do think it should be people personal choice that the weather Nachtigal out whatnot they stay in what are what are you really lost nearly on it but he said I thought it's two fights the thing then provide you any were you walking going so there's those two five wavering and the whole thing like that are you lost me there well if there wasn't then how did it ever happen I mean how did it happen that women couldn't vote you don't think there was another side one clearly in the wrong but that's the time it didn't appear that way that's my point it's easy now to look back and say those idiots how can they discriminate against blacks because of the color of their skin those idiots how could they not allow women to vote those idiots how can they treat people differently because of where they're from but all of it happened some of what happened in re as recently as the nineteen sixties in my lifetime read about Bobby Kennedy read about Martin Luther king read about Malcolm X. crazy stuff man crazy stuff that appears crazy now but didn't appear crazy then all I'm saying is you can't no what a quote unquote normal people for what many normal people thought about slavery in eighteen forty five but you know by eighteen sixty three that the blanket started to get real the reality star to hit people that this is not right but look at me look went from there we went from from slavery being abolished it took a hundred years for us to allow a black man from the boats from the time we abolished slavery till nineteen sixty five or whatever come on it always looks clear in hindsight always more of your phone calls coming up other side of the top of the hour update Chris Moore with you till ten on the phone spectrum mobile is now the fastest growing most Jay Farner here CEO of rocket mortgage 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